April 30, 2010

I just had to share my wonderful review from Stacey at DARK DIVA REVIEWS, she awarded DARK SECRETS 5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS

Here’s the review

Thirty-two year old English Architect Sam Marshall had vowed never to return to Oxley in Oxfordshire. When he meets Megan Lawrence, a twenty-five year old ethereal beauty for the first time in ten years, old wounds are re-opened.

Their troubled past has remained unspoken all this time. Neither of them wants to broach the subject, yet they both know the deep attraction between them will not go away.

Are they really willing to lay their emotions bare in order to move on? Can they finally put the past behind them once and for all? Will Sam eventually find it in his heart to forgive Megan? And will Megan ever learn to forgive herself?

Stacey’s Review:

Megan has a troubled past that nobody knows about but herself. The dark secret she carries manifests itself in her life in destructive ways, but letting go of the painful memories are too difficult.

When Sam comes back into her life, she knows she still loves him. Will the past make a relationship impossible?

Jan Bowles created a decadent tale of love, secrets and forgiveness. The sexual tension between Megan and Sam was done to perfection and kept this reviewer anxiously awaiting the day they’d finally give in to their passion.

The story was suspenseful and intriguing, leaving the reader begging for answers and closure. The sex scenes were hot, but never felt forced or rushed. Jan Bowles is truly gifted at fleshing out real, believable characters that touch your heart. I’m still left thinking about the emotionally driven plot and satisfying conclusion.

Dark Secrets by Jan Bowles was an enjoyable read that held my interest. The love story is one I will remember. I look forward to more novels by this talented author and recommend romance lovers that enjoy depth to their stories to purchase, Dark Secrets.

Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Stacey!
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