Release Day for Taming the Boss Lady
Release Day / July 20, 2012

I’m so happy. Today is release day for my latest book ~ Taming the Boss Lady It’s the 3rd in the Masters of Submission series, and features one of the co-owners Matthew Strong. He’s really got his work cut out with his new lady, Kelly McCloud. She’s feisty, opinionated and wants him. Has Matthew met his match Taming the Boss Lady?I’m also very proud of the cover which I designed myself. Let me know what you think 🙂Here’s the blurb: Twenty-nine-year-old Kelly McCloud is not the average submissive. CEO of a large corporate company, she demands and gets respect wherever she goes. Surrounded by weak yes-men, Kelly yearns for the touch of a dominant man—someone who can relieve the pressure in her hectic life. Natural Dom and Club Submission owner Matthew Strong is instantly drawn to the sexy, self-assured woman. Just who is this opinionated, outspoken lady who frequents his club night after night? When she turns down all the other Masters, he decides to take control. At thirty-five, Matthew has the experience to handle any woman, however important she may believe herself to be. With a little careful training, he can mold Kelly into the perfect sub, but when enemies…

Release Day ~ Destined for the Dom
Release Day / May 28, 2012

Its release Day for Destined for the Dom the latest book in my new series ~ MASTERS OF SUBMISSION Find out more HERE Club Submission is a fetish and BDSM club in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. Behind the closed doors are several Masters waiting to make your fantasies come true. So, join me ~ Jan Bowles ~ for a safe, sane and consensual trip into the BDSM world…. Destined for the Dom Masters of Submission # 2. Here’s the blurb: Erotic dancer, Zoe Leighton is overjoyed when Hunter Black re-enters her life. Fourteen years ago he’d made her a promise he didn’t keep, but now he’s back to make amends. Down on her luck and facing eviction from her apartment, she reluctantly accepts his help. Hunter introduces Zoe to Club Submission and the D/s lifestyle he now enjoys. Using the skills of the dominant, he brings stability and control to her otherwise chaotic life, and she soon falls head over heels in love with the powerful Master. Ten years as a Marine has left Hunter cold and detached. He’s seen enough death and destruction to last him a lifetime. Keeping aloof protects him from losing the people he loves the most. Those three little…

Release Day for Master of Submission
Release Day / April 20, 2012

It’s release day on for my latest book ~ MASTER OF SUBMISSION ~ The first book in my powerful new BDSM series. Available from Bookstrand Club Submission is a fetish and BDSM club in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. Behind the closed doors are several Masters waiting to make your fantasies come true. So, join me ~ Jan Bowles ~ for a safe, sane and consensual trip into the BDSM world….….find out how Master Zane helps Emma Parkes discover her submissive side.The Blurb:[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, figging, sex toys, HEA] Thirty-year-old English lawyer Emma Parkes believes Club Submission holds the key to her best friend’s disappearance. Well out of her comfort zone, Emma’s eyes are opened wide when she observes the Masters of Submission at work. They’re so confident and sexually arousing—especially beautiful blue-eyed Master Zane. Submission member and Dom Zane Anders frequently enjoys all the club has to offer. The wealthy, forty-year-old diamond importer has everything he could possibly need—everything except for love. A natural dominant, he’s not looking for a permanent submissive in his life. But perhaps he’ll make an exception for the stunning lawyer from London. When Club Submission is plunged into a high-profile murder investigation, its very existence…

Release Day for – Snowed in with the Montana Ranger
Release Day / March 16, 2012

I just had to share my wonderful news. My first book in a completely new series is now available. SNOWED IN WITH THE MONTANA RANGER All-American Heroes #1 The Blurb: When thirty-two-year-old Professor Brooke Johnson arrives in Glacier National Park, she’s there to do a job. After a bitter divorce, she’s certainly not looking for a relationship, especially with sexy Montana Ranger Travis McTeer, whose only interest is laying down the law—hard. With two dangerous fugitives on the loose, thirty-six-year-old Travis is not about to take any chances, even if that means upsetting the beautiful yet prickly professor. On his watch, no one breaks the law. Fate intervenes and throws these two opposites together. Now, it’s a battle against the elements and two desperate criminals intent on killing them. As they run for their lives in the worst snowstorm to hit Montana for a decade, will they learn to trust one another? Will love flourish when they’re snowed in together? A Siren Erotic Romance Click HERE to find out more.

Release Day / January 16, 2012

Hi, everyone, it’s release day for my latest book in the Guilty Pleasures series! CLAIMED FOR THE MASTER’S PLEASURE is an erotic BDSM story woven around the casino world of Las Vegas. The hero, Jake Benetti has spent the last three years grieving for the loss of his wife. All he cares about is his casino, the Arabian Nights. When he meets Lia Constantine he knows she holds the key to unlocking his broken heart. Unfortunately, there’s just one blot on the horizon – the 1.3 million dollars debt her father has left owing his casino. With so much money driving a wedge between them, can they find true love? If you’d like to know more click HERE

Release Day for ~ TAMED BY THE DOM
Release Day / June 6, 2011

It’s release day for TAMED BY THE DOM # 3 in the Guilty Pleasures Series Blurb: When Katrina Masters returns to Fairfax, Texas, after seventeen years away, she finds things have changed. The guy she had a crush on at high school is now running a sex club and is a Dom to boot! Common sense tells her to steer well clear, but she’s sorely tempted by his job offer. Self-made man Colt Donahue is a strict Dom. His business, Club Fusion, is a great success, and he’s not about to let the local Sheriff or the narrow-minded people of Fairfax close him down. He’s here to stay. From the moment he sees Kat, he wants her. Just one look in her sultry hazel eyes, and Colt knows the sassy, outspoken woman is for him. Nothing would excite him more than making her submit to his will. Colt shows Katrina what a Dom is really capable of, but can he tame the firebrand into complete submission? You can find out more at BOOKSTRAND HERE

Release Day for – Bought for the Billionaire’s Bed
Release Day / February 18, 2011

I’m so thrilled, my new book BOUGHT FOR THE BILLIONAIRE’S BED  is released today. This is the 2nd book in my  Guilty Pleasures Series  and can stand alone. Thirty-five-year-old self-made billionaire Trent Mavers needs more excitement in his life. The social scene in New York has left him thoroughly disillusioned. When he meets twenty-five-year-old Swedish beauty Mia Johansson at a charity auction, he believes he’s found the perfect woman. Sexy, alluring and highly intelligent, she is dressed to kill and is everything he desires. However, Mia is not all she seems. She is hiding her true identity. After a night of unbridled passion in the billionaire’s bed, she soon finds herself in serious trouble when her deception is uncovered. The only person who can save her now is Trent Mavers, the very man she has deceived. Is he acting out of kindness by spending thousands of dollars to help her, or has the billionaire really just bought her for his bed? To find out more and to purchase visit Bookstrand HERE

Release Day / January 6, 2011

I thought I’d introduce you to my new cowboy romance series. Its called  THE COWBOY MAVERICKS: ROPED And follows the Maverick family as they find love. The first book focuses on Fay Maverick and the love of her life, Brett Donovan. When thirty-one-year-old Brett Donovan returns to Black Creek, Kansas, the accusation that tainted his life still remains. Disowned seven years ago by his father because of a lie, Brett knows that mud sticks. How can he contemplate a future here, when those around him are only too willing to remind him of his past? Fay Maverick has always loved Brett. Their brief affair some seven years ago ended before it had really begun. Even if it means going against her four older brothers’ wishes, she will use every trick in the book to win her man back. Can she convince Brett to stay, or will her brothers try and run him out of town? With the Maverick brothers hot on his tail, Brett knows that staying around Black Creek could be dangerous. Should he leave, or will nights of passion with Fay prove far too tempting? To read an excerpt click HERE

New Release – In Debt to the Dom
Release Day / December 16, 2010

My latest book is released today: IN DEBT TO THE DOM It is part of my Guilty Pleasures series. Here’s the blurb: At twenty-eight, Maddie James has risen through the ranks of investment bank Goldstein Rivers to achieve great success. All of that changes when she receives a demand for half a million dollars for the safe return of her sister. Torn between her allegiance to her job and the demands of the kidnappers, she secretly wires the money, hoping to replace it with the sale of her house. When thirty-six-year-old wealthy businessman Keaton Rivers discovers the money is missing from his company, he suspects Maddie. Will he throw her to the wolves or find another way for her to repay the debt? As a Dom, Keaton knows Maddie would make the perfect submissive. From the very first moment he laid eyes on her, he’d wanted her. Only this time it will be on his terms… To save her career, will Maddie make a deal with the Dom? If you would like to purchase visit Bookstrand HERE Read an excerpt: “What are you going to do?” “What would you do?” She hung her head in shame. “Call the cops.” He…

Release Day for – Bound by the Montana Mountain Man
Release Day / November 23, 2010

It’s release day for my latest erotic cowboy romance. Meet Cassie Philips and her gorgeous cowboy Brad Dawson in………. BOUND BY THE MONTANA MOUNTAIN MAN Cowboy Bad Boys # 3 Will he win her love with his devilish charm? The Blurb: Still suffering from a bitter divorce, twenty-seven year old Cassie Philips moves to rural Montana, vowing never to trust a man again. Brad Dawson, a thirty-five year old mountain guide, is intrigued by his new neighbor. Why has the city girl settled so far from home? Known as the Mountain Man by the locals, Cassie is soon wary of the predatory cowboy rancher, who never wants to settle down. Unable to deny the attraction between them, they soon embark on a torrid sexual affair. Cassie is haunted by her past, and this “neighbors with benefits” relationship is just what she’s looking for. Will there ever be more than just sex between them, or can they find real love, too? Available from Bookstrand HERE