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August 9, 2013

Here is the 1st chapter of Her Dream Dom in its entirety. I hope you enjoy it. This is a short novella, of around 16,000 words. 

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Masters of Submission

Copyright © 2013

Chapter One

“Sara, believe me, you look fantastic. You always do.” Melanie sounded confident, so why couldn’t she trust her best friend’s judgment?

Sara Deveraux stared at her reflection in the flip-down mirror of the sun visor as she adjusted her makeup. She’d parked her car in the lot opposite the club, and they’d been waiting for the last ten minutes, while she tried to pull herself together. 

What the hell is the matter with me? 

On several occasions she’d been to Club Submission, but each time, just before she went in, she’d become increasingly anxious. She ran her fingers nervously through her hair, making sure the gold clasp holding her sky-high ponytail was firmly secured, and her makeup correctly applied. 

When she was completely satisfied with her appearance, she ventured a smile. Her transformation was dramatic. Sara was the last person anyone would suspect of visiting a BDSM club. Her usual attire consisted of plain, calf-length skirts and high-neck button-up blouses. Even Rob, her ex-boyfriend, hadn’t realized her appetite toward the darker side of sex. That was until he’d jokingly tied her up and unleashed all her pent-up sexual fantasies. Once the genie was out the bottle, they’d progressed further and further into bondage. It had been an exhilarating, mind-blowing time. Then it had all gone badly wrong. Sara shivered as she recalled the moment when Rob had compromised her safety. Fuck, he’d nearly killed her and all because he’d left her alone, tied to the bed. If he hadn’t returned when he had…she pushed those thoughts firmly back down where she kept them locked away. After that horrific incident, she’d been too scared to continue with any bondage play, and without that unwavering trust, their relationship had ultimately failed. 

Melanie must have guessed her train of thought, because she leaned across and squeezed her hand. “What you need to do, is let go and forget about your ex.”

Her friend, as always, talked sense. Rob hadn’t been very accommodating when they’d split, demanding that she move out almost immediately. The selfish, self-absorbed bastard. Thankfully, Melanie had offered to put her up, while she sorted herself out. 

Grateful for her unwavering support, Sara patted her best friend’s hand. “He’s history, Mel.”  

Melanie grinned at her. “Maybe you’ll meet the right Master tonight.”

Sara took a deep breath as a quiver of excitement pulsed through her body. She’d always believed in kismet. Somewhere in the world was the ultimate Master for her sexual cravings. Was he already waiting for her behind the four walls of Club Submission? That thought alone spurred her into action. “I’m ready to go in now.” 

Her friend smiled. “Great. You, darling, look like a fetish wet dream.”

Smiling, Sara stroked the black latex outfit that she wore. The catsuit clung to her skin, enhancing her arousal by constricting the whole of her body. “I must admit, latex does things to me no other material can.” She breathed in. “Mmm, it smells fantastic, too. I feel so damned sexy in it.” As soon as she’d slid into the skintight garment at Melanie’s place, she’d felt decidedly sexual. The sensual erotic pressure on her erogenous zones made her feel totally alive. 

In a happier mood, she turned to her friend. “And you, Miss Whiplash, look great as a Dominatrix.” The sexy red latex outfit her friend had chosen to wear zipped up at the front, allowing a large amount of cleavage to be exposed, while black, thigh-length boots and a small crop finished the theme. 

“That’s because I am a Domme.” While it was Melanie’s natural tendency to be in control, Sara’s personality was firmly rooted in the submissive side. The idea of being controlled by a sexy Dom was why she was here. Melanie touched her hand, rousing her from her introspection. “Shall we go?”

“Why not.” Sara took a deep breath and slid from the car. 

A thrill of excitement pulsed through every nerve ending as they casually strolled toward the two large bronze ravens guarding the impressive entrance of the club. As they both walked up the short flight of steps, she became increasingly aware of her heightened breathing. Just what exhilarating pleasures would she find behind the heavy oak doors of Club Submission tonight?

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