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December 18, 2012

Here is the 1st Chapter of Master and Inquisitor in its entirety. I hope you enjoy it. 

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Masters of Submission 4

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Chapter One

Beth Beaumont curiously surveyed the imposing brick façade of the large building directly across the street. A pair of huge bronze ravens guarded the impressive entrance to the club. According to the whispers circulating Boston, Club Submission was the place to come for all shades of kink. Beth took a lungful of the early-morning air, savoring the moment as the wind rustled pleasantly through her long, blonde hair. It had been a while since she’d last explored and enjoyed the fetish scene. Now, her self-appointed three-year exile was about to come to an end, albeit on a partial basis, because she was here in a strictly professional capacity. 

Three years ago, she could never have imagined wanting to return to the hedonistic delights of the BDSM world, but time was a great healer, and now the draw was proving too strong. When she’d heard of a vacancy for a bar attendant in the exclusive private club, she’d been unable to resist the lure. 

Truth be known, financially she didn’t need this job. She already worked from nine to five as a clerk for a national bank in downtown Boston. No, the position being offered by Club Submission was simply a way of reconnecting with people heavily into the lifestyle. She still didn’t know if she could entirely let go of the past. Antonio, her first and only Master, had been her entire world. She was convinced that no other Dom could ever take his place, but she desperately needed to rekindle some of the old magic. Christ, she was just twenty-seven years old. She wasn’t about to give up on life just yet.

As she climbed the short flight of steps to the impressive double oak doors, she actually relished the tight knot of tension that settled in the pit of her stomach. If she found the outside of Club Submission slightly intimidating at ten in the morning, how would it feel when darkness descended? The Gothic lanterns swinging above the massive bronze ravens in the March wind would surely add their own sense of foreboding when night fell. 

Beth tentatively pressed the gargoyle doorbell, then waited as patiently as her nerves would allow. After a short while, she heard the unmistakable sound of a series of heavy bolts being drawn back. Unsure what to expect, she took a deep breath as the large doors slowly swung open. Feeling relieved, Beth released the air from her lungs as a woman in her early thirties, with a froth of short blonde curls greeted her with a warm smile. “Hi, honey. You’re here about the job, right?” 

“That’s right. My name’s Beth Beaumont. I believe we may have spoken on the telephone. I have an interview with the owners of the club.”

The woman smiled again, a genuine smile, and she hoped they could become good friends. “You’re right on time. Come on in, honey, the wind’s getting up outside.” She welcomed her through the door, and then bolted it behind her. “I’m Andrea. I work on reception most of the time, but when Ethan and Matthew need help elsewhere in the club, I always try to accommodate them. They may be my bosses, but they’re great guys, too.”

Beth surveyed the surprisingly small reception area. It consisted of a welcome desk, complete with computer screen. Another door opened out into an annex showing numerous rows of empty coatracks. Apart from a silver bowl containing glossy black match booklets with the words “Club Submission” emblazoned in gold lettering, there was little that gave away the true nature of the club.

“Follow me, and I’ll take you through, Beth.” She patted her hand. “No need to be nervous.”

She followed the receptionist’s rhythmically swaying ass through a set of double doors and along a short corridor. Andrea turned to her and smiled again. “If I remember correctly from our telephone conversation, you’re originally from Chicago and familiar with the fetish scene back there?”

“That’s right,” Beth replied, knowing full well that probing questions were inevitable when applying for a job in a BDSM club. She didn’t want to dwell on certain elements of her unhappy past, so she already had several preplanned answers at hand. “I had a long-term relationship with a top. We’ve been finished for a while now.”

Her response seemed to satisfy Andrea, because the pretty blonde lady nodded her approval. “Well, we’re not gonna shock you here at Club Submission then, are we, honey. Matthew and Ethan always prefer to hire people who are into the scene themselves. That way staff turnover is kept to a minimum.”

The slim blonde pushed open another set of double doors, and they entered a large, spacious room. The ceiling was double height, with subdued lighting casting shadows into the small enclaves and intimate seating areas. She figured the layout had been specifically designed to give the best possible views of the revolving stage, complete with an iron fretwork slave cage. 

A surge of adrenaline coursed through her veins, making her pussy moisten. How many times had her Master, Antonio, locked her in a cage exactly like that one? In the beginning of their power exchange relationship, he’d shown immense patience with her. Her parents had divorced when she was barely twelve years old. From that day on, she’d slowly become an out-of-control teenager, dabbling far too much with alcohol and drugs for her own good. Seven years later, and at the age of nineteen, Antonio had gathered up the shattered pieces, bringing much-needed guidance, stability, and self-respect back into her chaotic life. 

I miss him so much. 

Realizing a job interview was no place for introspection, Beth pushed her sad longing for Antonio back down. That was why she was here. She needed to see if she still wanted to be part of the lifestyle.

A series of murals hung from the walls, depicting sexual scenes that she was familiar with. Beth sensed a quickening of her breathing as she stared fascinated at the erotic images.

Two powerfully built men, who she guessed were in their mid thirties, sat at a glossy black S-shaped bar. They were both extremely good-looking guys, and she figured they were Club Submission joint owners, Matthew and Ethan Strong. 

Andrea introduced her to them. “Hi, guys, this lady is Beth Beaumont. She’s come about the bar job.”

They both stood as she approached, and she had to admit she kind of liked the respect they showed. The one wearing hip-hugging jeans and a black T-shirt clinging to his muscular chest held out his hand. “Good to meet you, Beth. I’m Matthew Strong and this is my brother Ethan.” Beth shook their outstretched hands, noticing they both had firm grips. The similarities continued with short dark hair and rugged, manly features. They both had mesmerizing green eyes, although Ethan’s were a paler shade than his brother’s, and appeared even more gorgeous and intense as he scrutinized her every move. 

Beth had enough experience of the fetish scene to instinctively know these guys were alpha males of the highest order. A fact she found extremely arousing. 

Matthew’s deep, confident voice broke through her private thoughts. “Some pressing club business demands my attention, so I’m gonna leave you in Ethan’s capable care.” He shook her hand again. “I hope to see more of you, Beth. That’s if Ethan here thinks you’re suitable for the job.” Without further need for words he strode purposefully from the room.

“Take a seat, Beth.” The way Ethan spoke, she knew saying, “I’m just fine standing, thank you,” wouldn’t be acceptable to him. Instead, she rested her ass on Matthew’s still-warm barstool. 

“Are you familiar with our club, Beth?” Wearing black leather pants and vest, Ethan relaxed back in his chair, totally at ease with himself and his surroundings. He idly rested a cowboy boot across his knee and gripped his ankle.

“I’ve never been here before, but I’ve taken the opportunity to check out your website. I know all about the separate zones, cool, warm, and hot.”

“Excellent, that shows initiative, I like that.” He seemed to stare at her for a long time, his beautiful green eyes holding hers, before finally saying, “So tell me, Beth, what experience do you have of the scene, and do you play yourself? Andrea tells me you originally come from Chicago and are familiar with the scene there.” Ethan spread his arms wide by way of explanation. “I’m aware my line of questioning may seem personal, and have little to do with working behind the bar at Club Submission, but as you’ll be spending your evenings right in the heart of a highly charged sexual environment, I make it my business to know. The last thing I need is a woman freaked out by what she sees. Are you that woman, Beth? Are you easily shocked?”

Beth swallowed hard, fully aware of just how fast the blood pumped around her body, filling and engorging her clit. Just being so close to a drop-dead-gorgeous alpha dominant for the first time in three years sent her arousal levels through the fucking roof. Ethan Strong was scary and sexually predatory, reminding her so much of Antonio. His beautiful pale green eyes held a hint of sadism, something she liked as they closed in on her. She figured he was thinking about what he’d like to do to her. 

So why was she putting herself through this? Why not just content herself like millions of other Americans with her soul-destroying daytime job? That way she could leave work at five in the afternoon, cook herself a microwave meal, and chill out in front of the TV, on her own. 

Beth realized she wanted far more from her short time on earth. The life-enforcing excitement provided by the BDSM scene was in her blood. She craved the attention that only a dominant man could give her. In return she’d willingly hand over the prize of her complete submission. Only—she still wasn’t sure if she could move on from Antonio. His towering influence had played a huge part in her life. When he’d died right there in front of her some three years ago, it had shattered her cozy, protected world into pieces. 

Feeling slightly annoyed with herself for dwelling on the past again, she dragged herself back to the present. A job at Club Submission could be the perfect solution to her dilemma. It would give her the time to explore her emotions and find out once and for all if this lifestyle still held an appeal for her. 

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