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December 7, 2012

Today I have a special guest blogger Erin O’Quinn. Erin has just released her latest m/m novel Noble, Nevada with Amber Allure, and today describes the setting for her contemporary work. I just love the way Erin pens conversation. She certainly has a talent for bringing characters to life as you will see in the small excerpt below. So read on to find out more.

Noble, Nevada is both a town and a contemporary MM novel.

Hello. My name is Erin O’Quinn, and I confess to being hopelessly in love with two men. Trouble is, the men are in love with someone else … each other! I’ve created some interesting homoerotic couples, but none more interesting than the two who come together in the tiny canyon-nestled town of Noble, Nevada.

Tony Grazzo is a smart-ass recent college grad who comes to town only for the funeral of his mom. He’s ducking a manipulative girlfriend and wondering what to do with the rest of his life. His major was pre-law, but now he finds that his father Carl, an old world Italian owner of a small gas station, seems lost without him.

When Tony had stood awkwardly at the bus depot on his way to college that first year, Dad had looked almost hurt, as though the family dog had run away and there was no longer a need to put out the kibble dish. It was Mom who had hugged him firmly and told him he’d do fine, while Dad had turned away, almost angry at his departure, helpless to show his feeling of loss.

Rick Hendrickson is a drifter, a 24-year-old drop-dead-handsome migrant worker who is running from the memory of his abusive father. He’s spent ten years working along California’s long agricultural backbone.  He could stay in California, but he’s reluctant to reunite with his mother and have to admit his gayness to her. So starting in Las Vegas, he’s worked his way north and has found himself in the rough town of Noble. He begins to tell his new acquaintance a little about himself.

What he did not mention was the reason he had run away, and was maybe still running. It was rare he allowed himself even to think about his abusive father. And his own mother, now living alone, far from her ex-old man’s rough hands and foul mouth. It was time to go see her, and he’d been putting it off.

These two men with troubles on their mind meet one night in a downtown bar, and a spark courses between them. An offered drink, an engaging conversation, quick smiles and a sense of camaraderie end up in Rick’s roadside motel room.

Neither man is ready for a physical exploration–especially Tony, who has never been attracted to a man. And yet he has to admit to himself that there’s something about this engaging stranger that is deeply compelling to him. Rick was drawn from the beginning, and now, in this seedy motel room, his new acquaintance is slowly warming to him as a desirable man:

“Fuck-shit. I’m drunk, Rick.”

“Hey, me, too. Don’t worry about it.”

“Rick, I like your face.”

“I like yours, too, man.”

“A lot.”

Rick felt his cock rise and strain against the stiff crotch of his Levi’s. “That’s good.” He felt his own voice catch in his throat and heard it come out a little fuzzy.

“Will you lay me down, just for a minute?”

“Sure. Just put your arm around my shoulder. Okay, now up. That’s it. Come on, Tone. You’ll be all right in the morning.”

He walked Tone to the bed and laid him on its surface. He stood for a few minutes looking down at him, seeing his head loll to the side.

Whatever strong undercurrent is at play, Tony shrugs it off, and Rick is willing to wait. But the next day, both men find themselves back in that motel room, relaxing on the bed after lunch and a few beers.

Tony drained his beer can. “That was good. Yeah, for a generic, pretty good.”

Rick was closer to him than when he had first crawled to the head of the bed. His face seemed to be only inches from his own.

“How ’bout one more?”

“Um, later.” Tony was beginning to feel buzzed and his groin was starting to stir in his jeans. What the hell? Rick’s mouth was somehow very close to his own.

“I like your mustache.”

Tony giggled. “I grew it because someone else didn’t like it.”

“Tell me.”

“My girl Lotte. We haven’t slept together in forever. Maybe because I put up this mustache as a barrier. Like a border wall between Mexico and Texas.” He began to laugh again, wondering why he was telling Rick things he didn’t even want to think about.

“Well, Tone, I think it’s sexy as hell.” Rick’s voice was very low, and Tony leaned forward a little to hear him.

When he leaned, he was surprised to find Rick’s mouth right there, right next to his. Then he felt a most curious sensation from his balls to the tip of his cock as Rick’s tongue flicked out and traced his upper lip, all along the mustache.

“Mmmnn, I like it.” He licked again. “A lot.”

His cock engorged so fast his denims couldn’t hold him, throbbing and beating against the too-tight riveted crotch. Tony knew this was either the beginning or the end of something. He could succumb right now to this heady feeling of arousal. Or he could jump up immediately and move away from Rick as if nothing had happened. His choice. The rest of his life sat on the fulcrum of this lumpy little bed.

And thus begins the friendship of Tony and Rick. It’s not long before they allow themselves to succumb to their raging hormones, and the relationship goes from tentative to all-out, balls-out lovemaking.

There is more at play in this book, however. There is the relationship that begins to build between the drifter Rick and his lover’s dad Carlo Grazzo—a  kind of closeness with a father figure that Rick has been unconsciously seeking all his life. There is the awkward and loveless pairing of Tony and his girl Lotte, one who has kept him in an emotional stranglehold. And there is a slow but steady building of a deep-felt love between Tony and Rick.

Of course, there is a strong conflict that ends with Tony sitting behind bars and Rick running again. And that conflict is the test of whether two unlikely men can ever find their way back to each other, and to a happy future.

I hope you’ll decide to read Noble, Nevada. It’s available at a new-release price from AmberAllure, the M/M wing of Amber Quill Press. Here is a buy link to follow:


In the excerpt below, Rick and Tony have begun to get past the exuberant no-holds-barred kind of sexual experimentation and have begun to teach their partner what feels good, to experiment with what will turn on the other man.

Let Me French it….

Rick laid him gently on the bed, face down. He took a few minutes to kick off his boots and strip off his Levi’s before he straddled Tone, leaning into his ear, tongue-fucking and murmuring.

“My God, I’ve never wanted anybody so bad. Never needed anyone like I need you.” As he talked, his rubbed his turgid cock against his lover’s ass. Sparks seemed to course between Tone’s skin and his balls and prick.

Rick knew the wine would slow him down tonight, and that was good. He wanted to take his time, teach Tone how to accept him and come, too. He’d make love to Tone until his asshole was a trembling, grappling fist on his flesh. What he taught his lover maybe would come back and pleasure him as well the next time Tone seized the advantage. 

“First off, Tone, don’t fight me, okay? Relax your ass muscles. Spread yourself if you can, but don’t strain. Let your butt relax and just let me do the work.”

He left Tone’s ear and traced his tongue down his backbone, all the way to the knobby tailbone and then into the crack. His voice sounded gruff, even in his own ears, and thick with desire.

“I’m gonna spread you real gently, Tone. I want to make your asshole pop up and spread. Like a little mouth, ready to kiss me. Oh, let me French it…like this.”

He touched his tongue to the little corrugated hole, then pushed in more. Tone’s entire ass was shaking. He took both rounded buttocks in his hands and began to knead in a slow circle, while he Frenched the hole he was making bigger with every probe of his tongue.

He began to make inarticulate, hungry sounds. “I could eat you all night long, honest to God. Spread a little more for me. Oh, there, there.” He sank his tongue into that sexy pucker, faster and faster, while Tone’s whole ass trembled under his mouth.

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Erin O’Quinn is my pen name as a writer of mainstream and erotica romance. My DAWN OF IRELAND trilogy explores the world of Ireland at the time when St. Patrick arrived there in 432AD. The others are set in that time frame also and move among Ireland, Wales and Britannia as the characters find love and adventure.

The Noble, Nevada novel is the first of a series called NOBLE  DIMENSIONS. The second novel (same setting, different characters) is titled The Chase and will be published January 26.

I live in Central Texas with my soulmate Bil and four snotty cats—moggies, as some call them. After a college career (Univ. of So Calif.) and several unusual vocations—teacher, car salesperson, gardener, newspaper marketer—I settled down to write a few years ago. After almost two million words, I fear I’m just getting started.

Thanks, Jan Bowles, for inviting me to be here as your guest. I am honored. 

You’re always welcome, Erin. Thank you for being here.

Erin has kindly donated a prize. Read on to find out how to enter and win this sizzling Holiday Read.

Everyone who comments is eligible for a great prize. All names will be put in a drawing, and the winner will receive Erin’s very latest work, a funny and down-to-earth holiday read titled WHAT MOLLY WANTED. Molly , finding herself alone on Christmas Eve, promises her soul to the devil for a great piece of ass.  Be careful what you wish for…

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  • Jan Bowles December 7, 2012 at 9:51 am

    Welcome, Erin, and thanks for donating the prize ~ What Molly Wanted. 🙂

  • Erin OQuinn December 7, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    Hi, Jan! I'm all the way over here in Central Texas, home of the brown hills and no rain…kind of a perfect spot for cowboys, but not for Christmas.

    This is a vrey weloming blogsite, and I'm thrilled to be with you. I hope your viewers and readers will find something about NOBLE, NEVADA to ask a few questions about…and maybe to pick up a copy for the holidays.

    Hello, everyone. I have my cup of coffee and I'm ready to start. 😀

  • Debby December 8, 2012 at 12:25 am

    Thanks so much for the peak at your book. Look great.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  • Erin OQuinn December 8, 2012 at 3:07 am

    And thank YOU for peeking…I love voyeurs, hee hee.

    Thanks, Debby, for stopping by.


  • Miriam Newman December 8, 2012 at 5:36 am

    Whoa, cool-looking blog, ladies This book is a change of pace, Erin, but you're such a versatile writer I know it's going to do well for you.

  • Erin OQuinn December 8, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    Hey, Miriam, you naughty lady! I know your romances don't often have a male coupling. But (hmmmmm, I remember SCION), when they do, they could make your fingernails ache.

    Really good to see you, all the way over across the pond. Thanks for the support!

  • Morgann Peters December 9, 2012 at 9:16 pm

    This BOOK is a prize above any other! WOW. What amazing chemistry between the two men. I know I've read bits and pieces of this before, on our group and such, but this went further in depth – and TOTALLY convinced me to slip this one on to my wishlist for when my Amazon gift cards start coming in next year. WOW. Erin, just WOW. When you change your pace, you blow us all out of the water! Thank you for the experience, and thank you for posting such a wonderful interview on your blog, ladies.

  • Erin OQuinn December 9, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    Thanks a lot, Mo Peters. As I recall, your own writing is as erotic and unique as anything I've seen in the paranormal realm…

    I'm just thrilled that you found this blog. Jan Bowles does a great job with everything she touches, whether blog design, cover artistry or writing.

    Ain't we special? 😀

  • Jan Bowles December 13, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    Thanks for being a great guest, Erin, and you are special!