A Teaser for Master and Inquisitor

November 20, 2012

From now until the release of my new book Master and Inquisitor on 14th December, I will be choosing a daily snippet and image to bring the story to life. I hope you enjoy my journey into the fourth Masters of Submission.

Here’s the blurb:

When thirty-four-year-old Club Submission owner Ethan Strong hires the enigmatic and beautiful young woman to work behind the bar, he’s instantly drawn to the submissive with the sad blue eyes. Twenty-seven-year-old Beth Beaumont’s previous Master died three years ago, yet only now does she feel ready to embrace the lifestyle again. Ethan is instantly attracted to his mysterious new employee, and they soon embark on a D/s relationship that breaks all the rules.
Beth’s past holds a chilling secret that she dares not divulge—even to her new Master. Her life depends on maintaining her silence.
However, Ethan’s inbuilt lie detector never lets him down, and he instinctively knows Beth isn’t telling the truth. As a respected Dom, he will not tolerate a sub who repeatedly tries to deceive him. To break her resolve, he calls upon the services of the Inquisitor—a darker, less benevolent side of himself, who never shows any mercy.
Will Beth be forced to yield such deadly secrets to her Master and Inquisitor?

Day 1: Beth attends an interview at Club Submission

As she climbed the short flight of steps to the impressive double oak doors, she actually relished the tight knot of tension that settled in the pit of her stomach. If she found the outside of Club Submission slightly intimidating at ten in the morning, how would it feel when darkness descended? The Gothic lanterns swinging above the massive bronze ravens in the March wind would surely add their own sense of foreboding when night fell.
Beth tentatively pressed the gargoyle doorbell, then waited as patiently as her nerves would allow. After a short while, she heard the unmistakable sound of a series of heavy bolts being drawn back. Unsure what to expect, she took a deep breath as the large doors slowly swung open. Feeling relieved, Beth released the air from her lungs as a woman in her early thirties, with a froth of short blonde curls greeted her with a warm smile. “Hi, honey. You’re here about the job, right?” 

More coming soon……

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