Guest Blogger: Debbie Bailey ~ Erotic Romance Author

November 21, 2012

Today we have the wonderful, and after reading her post, inspiring Debbie Bailey as my guest. She has certainly triumphed through adversity. So without further ado I’ll now hand over to our very own bestselling Siren erotic author, Debbie Bailey.

First, I’d really like to thank Jan Bowles for inviting me to answer a few questions for the readers.  She’s one of my favorite authors and I’ve been reading her books for quite some time, so for me to be writing here is a delight.  I think I’ve read just about all her books and each one gave me such pleasure. 

Thanks again Jan….you rock!!!

Debbie, thank you, ((blushes profusely)). I don’t normally butt in, but I couldn’t help myself. Now to the questions…

Q.  How did you come to be published by Siren?

A.  I’ve been writing for myself for years, but it wasn’t until I finally allowed a friend of mine to read one of my stories. After he read it he told me that if I didn’t send it in that he would, so I screwed up my courage and sent in to Siren. I had been buying books from them for a couple of years so it seemed to be the appropriate publisher to start with.

Q. Tell us about your latest book.

A. Stephanie’ Homecoming {Men of Kinsey 4} is a MFM story set in the fictional town of Kinsey, Alberta, Canada.  It is the story that a great many of my readers have said that they wanted to see.  One of the main heroes in this story had played a part in a couple of my previous books and many felt they really liked him.  Kane. a strong but gentle Dom, has loved Stephanie for over ten years but when she ran away, after another woman set her up, he realizes that maybe she was too young and innocent to walk in his world.  Turk, shows him, once Stephanie comes back, that she is more than able to handle anything that either of them want from her.

Q. What makes Kane and Turk such great heroes?

A. I think one of the reasons that Kane makes such a great hero is because he’s truly not afraid to show how he feels, especially to the people he cares about.  He’s a strong, dominant man who is what I’ve always perceived to be a “gentle giant”.  Turk balances Kane out.  He’s very playful and tends to take life less seriously than Kane but when it comes to bedroom games they are very similar. Both men will protect their friends and family, (whether they like it or not) without hesitation.

Q. Do you have anything in common with your characters?

A. With some of my heroines I do.  With my first book, Sienna’s Submission, I found I had less in common with her that I did with my second heroine in For Tia’s Pleasure.  Having been through some of the conflicts that they have and having dealt with a lot of victims of violence, I know where they are coming from. Some of my readers told me that my heroines cry too much but I see it as them having emotional breakthrough.   It’s a step by step and day by day process that for some can take years.  

I do try to give all my heroines a great sense of humor which is something that I like about myself.  I love to laugh and find that even in the darkest of times laughter can pull you through. 
Q. What are you currently working on, or what’s on the horizon?

A. I am still writing the next two in the Men of Kinsey series but I also have another book that I’m working on from my Featherstone Pack series.  I absolutely love reading and writing about the paranormals and the way they interact and react to the ‘normal’ humans of our world. 

Q. What’s the strangest (bravest, funniest etc) thing you’ve ever done?

A. I once dared two police officers to arrest me and my friends.  We were coming out of a nightclub and during the few hours that we were there a big dump of snow happened. This was really unusual for our area and since we’d both been drinking we called a cab.  The cab company was really busy that night so we had to wait for more than an hour but before our cab arrived a police cruiser came through the parking lot and the two cops inside asked if we needed anything.  Having had way too much to drink I walked over to the car and asked them to give us a ride home but being on duty they weren’t allowed to just give us a ride.  The only way we could get in their cruiser was for them to arrest us.  So I kicked the side of their car and dared them to arrest us.  Luckily our cab pulled up and my friends dragged me inside.

Q. What do you do when you’re not writing?

A.  When I’m not writing I love spending time with my kids, my son is 13 and my goddaughter, (whom I just got full custody of) she’s 12.

Over this last year I’ve experienced some pretty strange health issues.  I lost my hearing and had to get a hearing aid to be able to hear at all.  Then I developed cataracts on both eyes. One, I’m completely blind in and the other is well on the way to being in the same shape. In Canada where I live, we have a universal health care system but that also means longer waiting periods so I can’t get eye surgery until the beginning of 2013.  Life is just full of bumps along the way.

Q. How can you fans find you on the net?

A. I have three books out on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and for those in Canada, the first two in the Men of Kinsey series is available through Chapters/Indigo. I’m on Twitter and Facebook or you can e-mail me at  I love hearing from my readers and will continue to read and write for as long as I can. 

You can find Debbie Bailey on her website HERE And at Bookstrand HERE

Here’s an adult excerpt from Debbie’s latest book, Stephanie’s Homecoming

Lying naked and vulnerable with these two gorgeous men, Stephanie had trouble believing it was really happening at all. She wanted each man desperately, the need so strong it threatened to overwhelm her.

“Sir…?” she asked quietly. “Would you please restrain me? I need to know that what I’m feeling is really happening. It all feels so surreal to have such a strong desire for both of you. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

Stephanie trembled as Turk, releasing her hands, got off the bed and moved to the stand at the end, while Kane positioned himself to the side. Taking one of her hands in his, Kane fastened a fur-lined cuff around her wrists, making sure that it wasn’t too tight before repeating the process with her other wrist.

Turk was busy almost mirroring the moves, but with her ankles, before dropping his towel and climbing up on the bed.

It felt so naughty and erotic as she watched him shoulder his way between her thighs. Her clit felt huge, and they hadn’t even touched her much yet, and she could see by the way both their large cocks stood out from their bodies that she affected them just as strongly.
The first touch of Turk’s tongue on her slit had her crying out and arching off the bed.

“You’re going to go off like the Fourth of July, angel eyes.” Kane smiled down at her before leaning over and ravaging her mouth once again.

“She tastes so sweet, Kane. I can’t wait to sink my cock into our baby girl.” The words Turk used only inflamed her body further. She desperately tried to lift her pussy up to his mouth, only to have Kane grasp her sensitive nipple in between his fingers and grip tightly, saying, “We’ve only just begun, angel. Just lay back and let your Masters take care of you.”

Turk’s tongue continued to slide over her labia and into her wet opening. No one other than these two men had ever made her feel this amazing. She moaned harshly as he slid first one and then a second finger into her opening and began to pump slowly in and out. All the while, his mouth and tongue sucked and ate at her pussy lips. Just as she started to feel as if she was about to explode, Turk lifted his head and removed his fingers from her body. She wanted to scream at him to put them back and give her her orgasm, but before she had the chance, he’d moved to the side, and Kane replaced him between her legs.
Steph watched in amazement as he stroked himself and then leaned forward a little and ran the head of his cock through her slick folds. He let go and slowly slid his hard shaft over her engorged clit.

“Do you remember how good it was between us all those years ago, baby?” He kept rubbing his cock across her clit but never filled her like she needed to be filled.

“Oh God, Kane. Yes, I remember. It’s what got me through some very lonely nights.” Steph eyes widened at her admission. She’d never meant to let him know just how much she’d missed him. 

“You shouldn’t have stayed away from me for so long, angel eyes. Now that we have you, we’re not going to let you get away again.” 

Lifting off of her, Kane leaned back and rested on his knees between her thighs. She was trembling all over and wanted nothing more than for one of them to fuck her hard.

“I think our little sub would like to you to fuck her, Kane,” Turk said as he ran his hand down her torso.

“She hasn’t earned it yet, Turk. She’s got some serious apologizing to do before she gets that, and besides, we have to make sure her cute, little ass is stretched enough to take you at the same time.

Stephanie started to fight the restraints. “I’ve never done that before, sir. I’m a little scared.”

Kane leaned over, staring down at her, his eyes glittering darkly, but he kept his voice low. “Don’t worry, angel eyes. By the time you’re stretched enough, you’ll be begging for it.”

She shuddered at the intense look in his eyes.

“You will be punished for leaving and not waiting for an explanation. We’re going to release you, and you are going to lay yourself over my lap and present your ass for spanking, and when that is finished, when your cute, little ass is a nice bright-pink, Turk is going to prepare you so that when you are ready, you will only feel pleasure as he slides that monster of a cock into your tight, little ass.”

Find out more at Bookstrand HERE

Thanks so much for your kind words, and for being my guest, Debbie. You inspire us all. Jan x


  • Jan Bowles November 21, 2012 at 8:42 am

    Hi, Debbie

    Thank you for being my guest today!

    Jan x

  • Lace Daltyn November 21, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    Wow. That story sounds powerful, Debbie. And Jan's right , that you managed to keep writing through this year of trials is inspiring. Best of luck to you and I hope surgery goes well!

  • Vanessa November 22, 2012 at 5:09 am

    Hi Debbie, I have the Kinsey series and have the most recent in my TBR ebook list. I had become legally blind in both eyes and had artificial lenses surgery just over 2 years ago which was a complete success. I had had to stop driving, I couldn't read, I had to hold my husband's arm when walking to know when to step up or down, my children had to read directions for me, turn the oven temp to whatever I needed, choose the items I needed when shopping. So I know the issues of loosing vision. The miracle of being given back one's vision, after 10 years of slowly loosng it, is beyond measure. I am so fortunate! I love to read! earlier this year we travelled to the USA and rode a Goldwing motorbike across the northern states. What an amazing experience on its own but to see it with perfect vision as we rode across, to see the Cascades Mtns, Glacier NP, Yellowstone NP and so much more, was special because we both remembered that just a short time ago I could see just blurs! So thankyou for your stories I really enjoy them and thankyou for sharing/revealing your own courage in dealing with your personal challenges! BTW I was not yet 50 when I had the surgery. All the best for your surgery.

  • Jan Bowles November 22, 2012 at 8:21 am

    Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing your story, too. It makes us all realize that health and happiness can so easily be fleeting.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Jan x

  • Jan Bowles November 22, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    Thanks for stopping by, Lace. 🙂