A wonderful review for Master of Submission
Reviews Received / June 3, 2012

I received a wonderful review for Master of Submission from Literary Nymphs. Amazon Nymph gave Master of Submission a Golden Blush Award. Here’s a shortened version of Amazon’s review. The first book in the Masters of Submission series, Master of Submission, is a wonderful introduction to BDSM that has a mystery as a subplot.  The author did a good job showing Emma’s emotional journey into the BDSM lifestyle.  I felt that they were very realistic and the author also shows how some negotiations can go.  The author also showcases how some authority figures can show subtle prejudices about BDSM.  Zane and Emma burn up the pages as the chemistry between them is intense.  I liked that Emma did not just jump at the offer that Zane made and that she is very independent.   The secondary characters were interesting as well and I am looking forward to the brothers’ stories in the future.  This is a book I recommend for every BDSM lover’s bookshelf.  This author will give a few of my favorite BDSM authors a run for their money and Ms. Bowles will be added to my must-read list. You can read the full review HERE

Some great reviews for Love Slave to the Sicilian Billionaire
Reviews Received / November 22, 2011

I’ve received a 4.5 Star review and 3 x 4 star reviews for Love Slave to the Sicilian Billionaire. You can check out the book HERE 4.5 STARS: “Maximiliano D’Alesandro is reeling from the suicide of his best friend and there is only one person to blame, the wife who led him to his death, Ella Williams. Looks can be deceiving though, as Max begins to realize there is more to his friend’s death than what he thought.  Ella is not to blame and his guilt for the harsh accusations he made towards her has him wanting to protect her, if only she could see him the way he needed as a Dom. I thought this was the best so far of the Guilty Pleasure series. The story tugs at you emotionally as you grieve with both Max and Ella, but as they begin to discover something special between them it becomes magical. A wonderfully written story that will become a favorite for fans of Jan Bowles.” — Emily, Sensual Reads 4 STARS: “Love Slave to a Sicilian Billionaire is book 4 in Jan Bowles Guilty Pleasures series, I haven’t read books 1, 2 or 3 yet and was not lost. From what I can tell…

5 Star Review for Love Slave to the Sicilian Billionaire
Reviews Received / November 9, 2011

I received a lovely review from Alberta at Manicreaders. She gave Love Slave to the Sicilian Billionaire 5 Stars!MR Review Rating:  Reviewer: Alberta Review: Ella’s soldier husband, just home from Afghanistan has committed suicide and she is devastated. His best friend Max blames Ella for the death, but neither of them can imagine what prompted Kirk to take his own life. Ella finally convinces Max that Kirk’s death was beyond any help either of them might have given, and she enlists his help in finding out the truth. Max has long fancied Ella, but he has to tame her flighty ways before she will be his ideal submissive. This is not so much a BDSM book, although there are some elements of that here. It is more a recovery of souls from a trauma that haunts both Ella and Max because of Kirk’s death. Ella now feels that if she failed Kirk, then likely it was her fault somehow, so Max won’t want her either. Max is on a mission to help Ella regain her equilibrium, and he feels that his Dom side will protect Ella and teach her that she is a person worth having and worth loving. When Ella finally…

5 Star review for TAMED BY THE DOM
Reviews Received / July 23, 2011

I have to thank Stephanie Rollins of BookReviewsRUs for a wonderful review of TAMED BY THE DOM. She gave 5 STARS! Kat has a bit of a chip on her shoulder.  Maybe she is entitled, but Colt is determined to give her the discipline she needs to straighten out. Kat has come back to her hometown after 17 years.  She owes a lot of money, has leg-breaking people looking for her, and finds that her high school crush, Colt, owns a sex club.  To make matters worse, she has to accept Colt’s offer of a job—in the sex club.  It turns out that could have been the best thing that ever happened to her. Love, freedom, and release—she finds it all in Colt, her dom.  The sex is scorching hot.  The discipline teases the reader.  Wow.  This is a winner! You can see the review HERE

Reviews Received / November 2, 2010

A new review for  BRANDED BY THE TEXAS RANCHER  and it’s 4.5 STARS!! Reviewed by Cheryl at Manicreaders Branded by the Texas Rancher is book two of the Cowboy Bad Boys by Jan Bowles. This book can be read as a standalone novel. I am really enjoying this series. If you like cowboys, strong women, and romance then you will like Branded by the Texas Rancher. Rebecca and Jed make a great couple. Jed may be rough around the edges but he has a heart of gold. Annie was so cute. She seemed so much wiser beyond her eight years. Another rip, roaring, fantastic read from Ms. Bowles.Read the whole review HERE You can purchase Branded by the Texas Rancher HERE

Reviews Received / October 26, 2010

5 HEARTS FROM THE ROMANCE STUDIO What a wonderful Sunday read! After reading another of Jan Bowles’ books, I was anxious to read this one. It definitely did not disappoint me. This is a provocative book about an English woman transplanted into Texas society. Her writing style captivated me previously. It only grabbed my attention more completely with this book. Rebecca Wade, 28, left England for the unknown area of Avery Grove, in Central Texas, after her rejection. Her fiancé dumped her one month before the wedding because he said she was frigid. As the daughter of a bitter preacher, she wanted a fresh start. Ms. Jan Bowles has presented us with another work that gave me insight into her writing abilities. This main couple could not have been more opposite. However, the chemistry was sweltering. The arousing sensuality was a wonderful page-turner. I did not stop until I had completed the book. Her secondary characters were pivotal even though not often present. The affects of their inputs into the lives was more prevalent. I admire Bowles’ ability to tell an expressive, explosive storyline with a great background of beautiful country. I highly recommend this book for anyone, except the…

Reviews Received / October 19, 2010

A 5 HEART Review for  SHACKLED BY THE COWBOY DRIFTER The Romance Studio Review Ashley Carmicheal was a want-to-be actress that worked in a local diner. She waited tables while awaiting her dream job. Her long-term boyfriend, Rob, dropped her after he made it big. He had been so abusive she was afraid of any new relationship. That was until a gorgeous cowboy, Zack Delaney, showed up at one of her tables. The interest seemed mutual. However, things were not as they seemed. She was concerned about his secretive actions. Zack Cantrell couldn’t share his actions to anyone—even Ash. He didn’t want to get involved because he did not want to draw attention to her and put her in danger. However, when she found him dealing drugs, it was too late. He had to take care of her. That wasn’t likely since he had no confidence he would be able to. His secretive past scared him concerning his ability to protect her. Ms. Jan Bowles has written a poignant book about a couple who had unhappy pasts that they both kept silent about. These main characters were emotionally charged and grabbed my attention quickly. I was amazed at the way…

A New Review for DARK SECRETS
Reviews Received / October 12, 2010

Author Review: Dark Secrets by Jan Bowles Dark Secrets by Jan BowlesPublisher: Siren-Bookstrand, IncGenre: Erotica, Romantic SuspenseLength: 168 pagesPurchase from HEREReview Copy Received from AuthorSummary:Thirty-two year old English Architect Sam Marshall had vowed never to return to Oxley in Oxfordshire. When he meets Megan Lawrence, a twenty-five year old ethereal beauty for the first time in ten years, old wounds are re-opened.Their troubled past has remained unspoken all this time. Neither of them wants to broach the subject, yet they both know the deep attraction between them will not go away.Are they really willing to lay their emotions bare in order to move on? Can they finally put the past behind them once and for all? Will Sam eventually find it in his heart to forgive Megan? And will Megan ever learn to forgive herself?Ashley’s Review:Dark Secrets is an intense read as it deals with Megan’s dramatic and emotional “secret”. She spends her life trying to be with the one man she’s always loved, but previous events end up keeping them apart.While Dark Secrets is not a “candy and roses” type romance, it is a roller coaster ride of emotional ups and downs, filled with heavy sexual tension. Megan and Sam let their…

A New Review for Shackled by the Cowboy Drifter
Reviews Received / October 6, 2010

I just received a wonderful review by Cheryl at Manicreaders. Rating:  Reviewer: Cheryl Zach was walking along when he was attacked from behind. After the beating Zach received, he needs nothing more than a nice cold beer.  Ash works as a waitress. Ash immediately zoned in on Zach the moment he walked in the door. Of course, it would be hard not to notice Zach. He is really good looking. When Zach stirs something up inside Ash, Ash realizes that she has been without a man for too long. Let’s just say though that Zach didn’t make a great first impression with Ash. Once, he redeemed himself…watch out!  Shackled by the Cowboy Drifter is a Cowboy Bad Boys novel. Every book that I have read by author, Jan Bowles is a favorite of mine. Shackled by the Cowboy Drifter is no exception. This book has both romance and action.  If a sexy, cowboy like Zach walked into my place of employment, I would have a hard time resisting him. Ash was my favorite. She was feisty but sweet at the same time. Kind of like…honey mixed with red pepper flakes for kick. Mrs. Bowles really knows how to make her characters come alive…

Reviews Received / September 20, 2010

I just had to share my first review for SHACKLED BY THE COWBOY DRIFTER from Happy Ever After Reviews. Ren’s Review Ashley Carmichael, known as Ash, is an actress who knows that her shelf life is about to expire. She is working as a waitress in the local diner when Zack Delaney comes into her life. Ash is also licking her wounds after emerging from a volatile relationship. Zack is a tall, dark and handsome hunk of Cowboy beef in his tight jeans and knowing blue eyes but he is carrying his own painful secrets. He breezes into the diner where he meets Ash, insults her and is left with his foot in his mouth after their initial encounter.Later that night, they meet up again in a bar where Zack makes a peace offering. Now, under different circumstances, their attraction is immediate and they share a night of passion with the understanding that it is only for that one night. When Zack walks out the next morning, Ash is convinced that she will never see him again.A chance meeting in a darkened alley puts Ash smack in the middle of Zack’s illegal activities and he finds himself caught up in lies to…