Guest Blogger: Clair de Lune ~ Erotic Romance Author (part 1)

October 3, 2012

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Welcome to fellow Siren author Clair de Lune!  Congratulations on your latest release, The Locket, which is out today!! Can you please tell us something about the book?

Q. Where did you get the idea for, The Locket?

Thank you for having me on your blog, Jan. I have always loved the Regency period of English History. I have lost count of the number of books I have read about it from novels to biographies. After I had started to write the “Prometheus in Chains” series I realised how much I enjoyed writing. I had a really old, gold locket that has been in the family for generations. I gave it to my daughter on her 21st birthday as my mother had given it to me. The title came from that. My daughter’s reaction to being told about this book was,  ”Well it was only a matter of time.” She knows me too well. It was really the idea of identical triplets that set me off, as usual it’s the characters that start the book.

Q. Tell us a bit about the hero and heroine in The Locket.

The heroes are identical triplets, all with Mediterranean looks. Their father is of Spanish origin, having come over to England bringing horses, at the request of the Duke of Wellington. The de la Torre y Saavedra family breed Andalusian horses. The triplets are all involved in the family business. Rafael, the eldest, and the dominant brother, breeds the horses. Antonio runs the estate and Angel makes money and loves antique jewellery. Rafael’s mother wants them to marry and sends them to London to find a wife. They are not impressed by the giggling girls they find there, until they rescue Lady Alicia from a kidnapping attempt. She’s a widow. Her first marriage was unhappy and she is poor, at the moment. She struggles to accept that she can love and want three men. Needless to say they are only too happy to convince her. Singly and all at once.

Adult Excerpt from The Locket
She sat on one end on the chaise longue, removing her gloves and laying them on the table. He gave her a glass of wine and held out a strawberry. When she would have taken it in her hand, he dipped it into his wine and set it to her lips. She bit into the sweet fruit, savouring the taste of it combined with the wine. As some of the juice escaped from the corner of her mouth, he wiped her lips delicately with a snow-white linen napkin. He began to feed her more strawberries and then dipped a small bunch of grapes into his glass. allowing her to take them with her lips one after another from the bunch. She enjoyed his feeding her and found it aroused her, too.
Abruptly he put down his glass and took hers from her by now nerveless fingers and, placing it beside his, he took both her hands in his and raised her to her feet. She looked into his eyes and was lost. His mouth descended on hers in a surprisingly tender kiss. In the split second before he kissed her she had thought he would be firm and forceful. She knew he was aroused, and his feeding her the fruit like that had left her in a parlous state. She wanted him, oh, how she wanted him, but she had made love to Rafael, who seemed to want her more and more, and now she was with his brother. She had to clear her mind and think, but then he kissed her tenderly and delicately, nibbling her lips and licking along the bottom one, and all power of coherent thought left her. He lifted one hand and pressed lightly on her chin to open her mouth and she offered no resistance. Oh, but she was wanton, she thought. This was not Rafael, but she could not stop kissing him.
“I want you!” He growled, and at the words, moisture flooded her pussy and her nipples pebbled.
He gathered her more tightly into his arms and settled to taste her, seemingly at his leisure. His tongue explored every inch of her mouth, and he tasted so good. The wine and fruit tastes mixed with his own essence, and she could not get enough of him. She pressed her swollen and aching breasts to his chest. Lifting one arm, she took the nape of his neck in her hand, held onto his lapel with the other, and kissed him back. He responded with ever-increasing ardour, pressing his thick erection into her soft body and tightening his hold on her. He rubbed her back in gentle circles with one hand and fisted the other in the curls that had escaped her fashionable top knot. He sat down upon the chaise longue and drew her onto his lap, all the while continuing the sinuous dance their tongues were engaged in. She felt his hand move to her breast and moaned into his mouth as his fingers lightly caressed her nipple then more firmly pressed and flicked it. She felt her bodice slowly open, revealing her chemise, which was easily lowered, and her breasts were exposed to the air and his questing hands. His fingers circled the nipples then brushed over them, and she arched her back, pressing the tips into his hands. She felt rather than heard his sigh of satisfaction. His hands began to play, moving from breast to breast and from gently brushing strokes to firm pinches, flicking first one then the other and at last squeezing until she cried out in pain, or was it pleasure? The one was so close to the other. He raised her to her feet and had her kneel on the chaise longue. She held tight to the back and tried to open her legs but found she could not. He stood straddling her thighs, pressing her knees together.
“What is he about?How could he?” Her thoughts were in chaos. He stood behind her and, leaning over, took both her breasts in his hands and continued the sweet torment until she writhed and pressed her bottom into his groin in such a suggestive way that he chuckled.
“Patience, my lady. It will be well worth the wait.”
She did not want to be patient. She squirmed and wriggled her behind, feeling his hot, thick erection, wanting it inside her without delay. Finally, he took hold of her thick hair, which by now had come loose, fisted one hand into it, and held her. She found she enjoyed the bite of pain. With the other hand, he guided his cock in between her legs and teased her entrance with it, rubbing against her swollen labia and her clit and driving her wild.
“Oh, please, please!” she cried, needing, wanting him inside her. She did not know how to ask or if she could ask.
She had been taken in this position before, but never like this, never with her legs pressed together. She could not move. She was powerless and at his mercy. Then he pressed in, and she felt the hot length enter her inch by delicious inch and sighed with relief. “At last!” The sensation was very different with her legs together. He kept on pressing into her until she felt the crisp hairs at his groin against her folds and her bottom. He was long and thick, and she struggled to accommodate him. Then when she thought he was all the way in and expected he would begin to withdraw and pleasure her, he thrust his hips forward and his cock even further inside her, and she gasped.
The Locket is available from Bookstrand HERE
Q. What are you working on right now and what can we expect from you next?

I am finishing a Dragon shape-shifting story, set in the Cairngorms. I have always loved dragons and sci-fi so the combination of dragons, shape-shifting and thought communication has been enjoyable to write. Getting it all sorted out was a challenge. I shall know if I have succeeded when I get my edits.

Clair has six more books to be released later this year. They are as follows:

“Master Eric’s Virgin Sub” Number two in the Prometheus in Chains series. Jessica is back with her sights on Jane’s granddaughter. Release day – 17th October

“Fiona’s Two Masters” Number three in the Prometheus in Chains” series. If you liked Master Angus, his twin nephews are in this book. They are younger versions of the man himself. Release day – 31st October

“Learning to Live with her Master” Number four in the Prometheus in Chains” series. Jane and Angus are learning to live together and it’s not all plain sailing. Release day – 14th November

“Reconciliation” Llewellyn, with the dragon tattoo, left Gloria five years ago to repay a debt of honour. Will she have him back? Release day – 28th  November

“Catriona’s Golden Angel”  Mistress Catriona has found the love of her life but will they be allowed to live together in peace. My Kinbaku fantasy in this one! Release day – 12th December.

“The Torquil Enigma”  Gemma can’t make up her mind about Master Torquil. He’s the scary Dom in the Dungeon, but he can make tender love to her. She is determined to find the real Master Torquil but will he cooperate? Release day – 26th December.

My, you’ve been very busy, Clair!

Q. Did you always want to become a writer? 

I never even thought of it. I had a career, worked full time and raised three children. I was always very busy. Then I was retired and living a boring routine life and getting depressed. My youngest son challenged me to write a book, but I didn’t do it at once. I have always read, devoured books is more like it. I got a Kindle, got on Amazon and started to read erotic novels. There are so many good writers in this genre. I started to find my favourite authors, here Cooper McKenzie has a lot to answer for. Her Club Esoteria was always my favourite. She has been generous with help and advice too. One day Jane and Angus were in my head. I sat down and began to write. I told no-one. When I had finished the book I had no idea what to do so Googled. What else? “Siren” and “submissions” came up so I sent “Initiation” off. I expected a polite “No, thank you“. When they said they wanted to publish the book I was speechless. When I told my husband and the family they could scarcely believe it. 

Q. How do we find out about you and your books?

Q. How may readers contact you?

Clairdelune4542 (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

I answer every email and Facebook contact. As a reader I know it is difficult to decide to get in contact. You think the author will be too busy to answer. Well that’s not so. It is good to hear what you have to say about the books and characters. Tell me what you really think !

Find out more about Clair de Lune as she answers more of my questions in two weeks time. In the second part of her guest blog she explains how she overcame self doubt and where she gets her inspiration from!


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