Guest Blogger: Lynda Bailey ~ Erotic Romance Author

February 13, 2013

Today my guest blogger is Lynda Bailey! Welcome Lynda, you’ve been very busy lately with several books already published, and more to follow. Please tell us about your latest book ~ On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful—KIRA.

Thanks so much to Jan for letting me hang out here today!

Q. Where did you get the idea for, On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful—KIRA? 

KIRA is the second novella in my anthology, Heartache and Hopeful. And to be completely honest, I don’t remember how or why the idea sprouted.  Heartache and Hopeful has been knocking around in my head for a number of years and I indie-pubbed the first story, MIC, last fall on Amazon. KIRA’s story morphed from a serious, miniature romantic suspense into a more fun, erotic romp.

Q. Tell us a bit about the hero and heroine in, On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful—KIRA. 

Kira is a spitfire heroine who knows what she wants and how she wants it. As the only child of a multi-mega millionaire, she turns away from her socialite life in Omaha, her overprotective father and her sizeable inheritance for the simple life in a rural Tatum, NE. She also believes she’s turning away from the sordid urges that have plagued her for years. 

Hunter is a boxer forced into retirement by trumped up doping charges. He’ll do whatever it takes to clear his name and get back into the ring—even if it means “convincing” a wealthy mogul’s daughter she should move back home to Omaha. 

Q. What are you working on right now, and what can we expect from you next? 

My next project is Battle-Tested Love, the sequel to Battle-Born Love. It’s Darcy’s story and I hope to have it available later in the year.

Q. How do we find out about you and your books? 

You can find all my titles on You can also check out my website 

Q. How may readers contact you? 

Readers can always drop me an email at

Q. Name three of your favorite things. 

Red wine, dark chocolate and my husband. (All three together, please! 🙂 )

Q. Do you ever experience writer’s block? 

Yes! Especially when I haven’t done enough digging into my characters goals and motivations. I can’t count the number of times I’m happily writing away only to have one of my characters put the brakes on everything. It reminds me of the runners’ term, hitting the wall. Because it feels like you’ve run smack into a brick wall, headache and all. 

Q. Do you write an outline before every book you write? 

I don’t outline, per se, but I usually have to have the plot at least kinda cemented in my head. I like to leave some latitude for changes, just not major plot switches.

Q. Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work? 

Lorraine Heath is my all-time favorite author. Her ability to bring her characters to life is truly amazing. 

Q. What does your family think of your writing? 

I know it’s cliché, but my husband is my biggest fan. But then he’s supposed to be, right? He’s supposed to say my butt is never too big in anything I wear and that I write fabulous stories. Ha! Seriously, if it weren’t for his steadfast support, I never would have been brave enough to even attempt a writing career. 

The official release day for On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful—KIRA is tomorrow, but your readers can snag a copy a day early. Also starting tomorrow, the first novella in this series, MIC, will be FREE through Amazon Select.

Thanks again, Jan, for hosting me today!

You’re welcome, Lynda, it’s been a real pleasure. I love your choice for three favourite things. Chocolate, Red wine, and hubby–who can resist. I certainly wish you every success with KIRA! 

EXCERPT—For Mature Readers Only!

Available from Amazon HERE

Kira turned in a circle of Hunter’s arms to face him. “Nothing goes on top. It’s what goes underneath that counts.”

His forehead creased. “Underneath?”

“Yup.” She nose-bumped his then gently meshed her lips to his. She pulled back a bit. “You.”

Suppressing a giggle at his truly befuddled expression, she walked him back the few steps until he butted against the frozen case holding the tubs of ice cream. She opened the display door with a quiet snick, grabbed a clean scoop and peeled a thin serving of vanilla dotted with cherry bits onto the utensil. She cradled the scoop in one hand to encourage the ice cream to melt faster. 

“This might be a little cold,” she warned, dribbling a thin stream of thawed mixture onto his shoulder followed by a plop of the semi-congealed matter. 

His muscles shudder, but otherwise he remained stock still with no outward reaction. Except for his eyes. Hunter’s electric eyes burned hot into hers. She leaned in and licked the sweet treat from his skin. 

Mm-mm. Salty and sweet. The perfect combination.

She trickled the rest of the liquefied ice cream down his chest, making sure his nipple was covered, then dragged her tongue along the trail. At his nipple, she pursed her lips about the beaded tip and sucked it into her mouth. 

Hunter inhaled a sharp breath. Kira whipped her tongue over his responsive nub, loving the sound of his groans. Without warning, he swapped their positions and hoisted her butt on the six-inch counter ledge, her back plastered against the cool, convex glass. The narrow shelf supported most of her weight, but she had to bow her back into the rounded surface to remain on the perch which gaped open her robe and popped her tits into the air. 

Hunter placed his beefy hand in the center of her chest, careful not to touch her breasts, and plucked the dipper from her grasp. “Don’t move.”

Like she planned to, even if she could? Not even.

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  • Lynda Bailey February 13, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    Thanks again, Jan, for letting me hang out today!

  • woolfcindy February 13, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    Nice interview. The excerpt makes me want to read the book. Good job.

  • Jan Bowles February 13, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    You're welcome, Lynda. Hope you have a good day!

  • Lynda Bailey February 13, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    Wow! Thanks for the kind words, Cynthia. And thanks for popping in today!