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February 14, 2013

Undercover Desires

Today I have Marie Jermy as a guest. She’s showcasing her latest book Undercover Desires. What more could you ask on Valentines Day!

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Opposites attract…

Who are you? What are you? are the questions Georgiana Lorenz, a writer for Rock Mania magazine asked herself when “Ferret,” an alcoholic junkie and her informant of three months, started behaving strangely. Gone was the filthy, smelly, always-wanting-to-get-inside-her-pants scumbag, and in his place was… Well, okay, he was still filthy and smelly, but his lightning reflexes and the muscular body under the tatty clothing suggested he was a different man altogether.

Indeed he is.

FBI Special Agent Reed Sullivan has been assigned one dirty mission—to take the place of the recently departed Ferret in order to bring Ahmed Aziz Armin, a suspected gun smuggler and supporter of terrorism, to justice. Falling in love plays no part in his plans of putting Armin behind bars. One meeting with Georgiana Lorenz, however, has Reed losing his heart to the purple-haired, pierced, and tattooed nightmare, and his cover and his plans are blown higher than an acid trip.

A Siren Erotic Romance

With the click of the closing door behind Harrison, Georgiana surfaced from the bedroom. She was still naked, and Reed felt his cock stirring with unbound interest.
He raked his gaze over her. Whoever had coined the phrase good things come in small packages must have had Georgiana in mind. Petite in height and slender in frame, she possessed a body so perfectly formed that Aphrodite herself would weep into her scallop shell.
He halted his quick ogle on the tops of her thighs and the honeyed treasure that lay between. Here, she was almost delicate, like a flower easily trampled under a heavy boot. Yet he knew better. He had intimate knowledge and experience of how resilient and accommodating she was. Her pussy and his cock were a match made in heaven.
“Lloyd was at the warehouse?” she said without preamble. “Was he the one wearing the baseball cap?”
Why lie? Georgiana had no doubt heard everything. He nodded. “Yes.”
“I thought he looked familiar.” She ran a hand through her hair, taming the purple curls, making Reed’s fingers itch to ruffle them up again. “So what happens now?”
Georgiana was almost certainly talking about the mission and how she could help. Reed wasn’t. He crooked a finger at her. She hitched a brow and sauntered over. His cock hardened and copied the enticing sway of her hips, rather like the adder dancing to the music of the snake charmer. She stood before him, hands on hips, one leg slightly in front of the other. He found the pose highly erotic. More so because he was fully clothed.
An impish light gleamed in her eyes. “Undo your jeans. Show me your cock.”
Reed did as requested, never taking his eyes from hers. Once unbuttoned and unzipped, he pushed the denim over his hips, his boxers, too, and his cock found freedom. His balls felt heavy and tight. He ached to fill her. Georgiana licked her lips and dropped to her knees. He groaned.
“I didn’t get to finish blowing you.”
Her sultry whispered words had him groaning again. He reached out a hand and wound a purple ringlet around his finger. “Your hair’s so soft. And so beautiful.”
“If you wanna be Ferret, then talk like Ferret.”
She was teasing him, but he knew she was right. He crooked his lips into a sneer. “Suck on my cock, doll. I want to shoot my load down your throat.”
“Better?” he echoed. Further questions for an explanation never made it past his lips for Georgiana then enclosed her mouth around his cock and sucked long and slow. She hummed a merry tune around his shaft, and something primal broke loose inside. His other hand joined the first, and he fisted her hair, drawing her head lower and pushing his cock deeper into her mouth. The warm, tight cocoon of her throat was made tighter with every hard suck she bestowed him.
Reed tried to refrain from moving, but the intensity of the pleasure pulsing through his veins was too much to take. He jerked his hips in a restless fashion, his groans of satisfaction coming louder and louder until, and with his spine bowed, he felt ribbons of hot cum spurting from his cock. She never faltered, milking his seed from his balls and sucking on his shaft to another full erection.
With a soft smile on her face, she then released him from her mouth. He noted where her hands were—between her legs. She’d been masturbating herself. The honeyed scent of her juices reached his nose. His heart drumming that double beat, Reed hauled Georgiana up his body until she straddled him. Her slick fingers threaded his hair, and he kissed her, driving his tongue into her mouth as far as his cock had been.
She moaned and writhed her naked and beautiful breasts against the fabric of his T-shirt. He thumbed her nipples into stiffer points, enjoying the silky wetness of her pussy folds damping the tip of his cock. Angling his head, he took one sweet peak into his mouth, her taste rolling over his tongue as he laved her. She mewled when he switched to her other nipple, giving it the same salacious treatment.
That one word was a sultry whisper on her tongue. Heat and lust barreled through him. Pre-cum oozed as more blood soared into his cock, making it harder than he ever thought possible. Only Georgiana could do that to him. Her fingers dug into his shoulders when he bit down gently on her nipple, teasing the nub between his teeth. “I want you,” he murmured, moving his face to the side so he could nuzzle the soft valley of her breasts. He inhaled her scent and felt his heart do that double beat again. “I want you so much.”
“I want your pussy.”
He swallowed, not quiet believing what he was about to say to a woman. “I want to fuck your sweet cunt.”
“Much better.”
He fought back a laugh. Planting his hands on her hips, keeping her still, he jerked his pelvis upward and his cock slid straight in the slick and snug sheath of her pussy. She moaned an “oohing” sound that was a sexy as hell.
And that was when it hit him.
You can by Undercover Desires from Bookstrand HERE

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