Kaine’s Redemption ~ Tasty Teaser Day 2

April 21, 2013

My latest BDSM romance, Kaine’s Redemption is available from Bookstrand on pre-order HERE

This is Kaine Deville’s impression of Jessica Morris on their first evening together.

In London, it was her incredible artistic talent that had first piqued his interest, but finding a rare creativity, exquisitely packaged in the form of a beautiful sexy woman, was an added bonus. Just the way she spoke turned him on. The words leaving her lips in a whispering Cornish lilt. He knew if he thought too much about what he wanted to do to her right now, he’d give himself another hard-on, just like the boner he’d had when he’d arrived at her villa unannounced. He’d seen her eyes flicker downward. She’d seen it all right, and enjoyed it, too. 

Jessica was petite. He liked that in a woman, and he figured she stood no more than five three, and tipped the scales at barely a hundred pounds. Jesus Christ, that hard-on was coming whether he wanted it or not, and he knew he could do some real damage if he were given half a chance to fuck her svelte little body. 

When they reached the terrace, he pulled out a chair for her. “Can I get you a drink?”

“May I have glass of red wine please.”

“You may. By the way, I love your English accent.”

She smiled and went all coy on him. He liked that in a woman, too, and he figured Jessica would make the perfect submissive. It was always the little things that did it for him where a woman was concerned. Small feminine gestures and tactile actions said far more about a lady, than the bigger, more obvious things ever could. The simple way she took the glass of wine from him, delicately curling her slender fingers around the stem, before tentatively sipping at it, was incredibly arousing. Yes, the little things. When she smiled, he loved the way her perfect button nose scrunched up slightly, showing off the light dusting of freckles to best effect.

It was dark now, and the last rays of the sun were finally surrendering to the night. Luckily there was a full moon, which lit up the ocean with its softly undulating silver light. Several citronella candles flickered around the terrace, casting their glow, and bringing a magical feel to the balmy tropical evening. 

Mesmerized by her sheer beauty, Kaine watched the ocean breeze feather through Jessica’s naturally curly hair, wishing he could reach out and touch the red, wayward tresses and let them fall through his fingers.

She sighed. “Isn’t nature marvelous? Just the sound of the waves lapping against the shore inspires me to put brush to canvas.”

He nodded, and topped up her glass, then did the same for himself. “If you capture the beauty of Deville’s Island as well as you capture the rugged Cornish coastline, I’ll be a lucky man.”

As though trying to avoid his gaze, she furtively glanced in his direction, and he knew she was worried about disappointing him. She needn’t be. Jessica possessed a rare talent, and soon the world would know all about it. When he stared into her soulful eyes, he saw a vulnerability that enchanted him, but behind that insecurity lay the steely determination of a woman who wanted more from her life.

Available from Bookstrand on pre-order HERE

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