Kaine’s Redemption ~ Tasty Teaser Day 3

April 22, 2013

Jessica has gone for a stroll on the island, and while sitting on top of a rocky outcrop she senses that Kaine Deville is not too far away.

She was right. Oh boy she was right. Within seconds Kaine emerged from the crystal clear waters, bursting through the foam with a physical energy that stunned her, his naked body

putting the marble sculpture of a Greek God to shame. She’d seen handsome men before, even dated them, but Kaine wasn’t handsome. That adjective would be selling him short. He was overwhelmingly gorgeous. The movement of his muscular frame as he charged up the beach creating a new set of footprints in the sand, made the blood surge through her veins. Feeling like a voyeur, but unable to help herself, she watched transfixed as the Caribbean Sea dripped from his hair, before running from his shoulders and down his powerful chest in glistening rivulets. The salty water ran lower still, coursing over his washboard stomach before reaching his…Oh my Lord.

His huge thick cock slapped against the inside of his thighs as he ran toward a towel lying on the sand. Dear God, just why had she

refused him that night? Her regret that she hadn’t yielded to him was becoming stronger with each passing day. Seeing him, as he was now, naked and totally magnificent, she wouldn’t make that mistake again.

Kaine’s every movement turned her on, making her pussy wet with need. When he bent over to pick up the towel, she saw his bum was as perfect as the rest of him. Two achingly tight buns that looked like they would never be defeated by gravity in a million years or more, flashed at her.

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