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September 9, 2013

Here is the 1st chapter of Master’s Pet in its entirety. I hope you enjoy it. 

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Masters of Submission 6

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Please note, the prologue is not included in this free excerpt

Chapter One

One week later

Cole Rossi slid the empty glass across the bar. “Same again, Todd.”

“Sure thing, Cole. I can see from your expression that Jessica’s late again.”

Cole grunted indignantly. “Huh, tell me about it, buddy. It’s the third time this week. The lady will get what’s coming to her though.” He tapped an index finger to his temple. “All her misdemeanors are stored in the memory banks of the computer I have right here.”

Todd laughed. “I can see a certain pretty lady having a red face to match her red ass.”

“You got it in one, pal. We’ve arranged a scene for tonight, so payback will come sooner than she thinks.”

Todd placed a couple of clean tumblers on the shelf behind him, then tossed the glass cloth over his shoulder with a flourish. “All done.” He then leaned across the black granite bar, his forearms resting on the cold, shiny surface. “Say, exactly how long have you and Jessica been together anyway?”

“Three years, give or take a month or so.”

Todd nodded. “That’s impressive in this lifestyle. Almost unheard of, in fact.”

“I’ve asked her to move in with me. I told her we were made for each other.”

“And what was the lady’s reply?”

“She agreed as long as she could keep her own apartment. She’s moving in at the beginning of the month.”

Todd placed Cole’s fresh root beer in front of him and then patted him on the shoulder. “She’s that special, huh?”

Cole took a long swallow of the cool liquid. “Yeah, she is, and then some.” He glanced at his watch. “She’s also fifteen minutes late and counting.” He lifted the glass to his lips again, idly wondering what form of correction should be applied as a remedy for her lack of punctuality. 

Hmm. One spank for each minute she’s late, perhaps? No, she’d enjoy that too much. How about one knee-buckling stroke of the cane, on that peachy little ass of hers, for every five minutes she keeps me waiting? Perhaps that would be more appropriate. Appropriate enough to give him a hard-on as he sat at the bar anyway.

Carnal thoughts about the beautiful woman, who’d become an integral part of his life, were interrupted when he noticed Jessica enter the Warm Zone. He looked across at Todd, who’d obviously seen her, too. “See what I mean, buddy. What guy in his right fucking mind wouldn’t want to spend three years of his life with a sexy lady like that?”

He watched her raise a hand and wave at him, a genuine smile to her pretty face. She’d often arrive late on purpose. That particular scenario worked well for both of them, because she got the discipline and attention she craved, and he got the sadistic pleasure of administering it to the most beautiful woman on God’s green earth.

Jessica always looked good. In fact, in the three years she’d been his sub, he’d never seen her look anything less than stunning, and tonight was no exception. His hardened steel cock pushed uncomfortably against the inside of his leather jeans as eager eyes scanned his property from head to toe and then back again.

A cascade of glossy brunette hair flowed around her shoulders, and framed her pretty heart-shaped face. She wore a skimpy black leather skirt that in his opinion bore more of a resemblance to a wide leather belt. It was so fucking short, it gave him a tantalizing glimpse of the white virginal panties she wore beneath. Oh, Jessica, you fucking prick teaser. As she sauntered sexily across the Warm Zone, her beautiful blue eyes were focused solely on him, and he enjoyed the way other club members respectfully moved out of her way, almost like the parting of the waves of the Red Sea.

A revealing black leather bra complemented her skirt, pressing her ample cleavage together, and he knew that the sweetest titties he’d ever tasted lay just beneath. Jessica had the most amazing nipples, and he mentally savored the way the slightest brush of his fingers or lips could bring them to life, making them stand to magnificent attention. Such was her love of the alternative lifestyle they practiced, he didn’t need to coerce or persuade his sub to try new things. She was naturally adventurous when it came to sex play.

As she drew closer, he stood from his stool and held out his hands, palms down. In true submissive style, she immediately took hold of them and tenderly kissed each one of his fingers in turn. This was a ritual she performed each time she saw him, and one that showed him she was happy with the pecking order of things. “I’m sorry I’m late, Sir. It won’t happen again. I give you my word.”

He kissed the top of her bowed head. “Liar, but I forgive you, for now.” Cole then placed two fingers under her chin and lifted her face so she stared directly into his eyes before continuing, “Besides, I have something special lined up for you. I hope it will cure this inability of yours to arrive on time.”

He enjoyed the way her pupils dilated with anticipation. “I’m sure it will, Sir,” came her breathless reply.

“Excellent. You may now take the stool next to your Master.”

Jessica sat at the bar and stared into his eyes, a slight smile to her lips, and he knew without doubt that she loved him as much as he loved her.

“Gloves as well, my pet. I’m impressed.”

She stretched out her arms so he could get a better look. “I so wanted you to like them, Sir. They’re exactly the same as the ones Marilyn Monroe wore in The Seven Year Itch. I can peel them off with my teeth, if that’s what you desire.”

Mmm, that was a good thought, a real good thought, but he’d keep his powder dry for now. “Later perhaps. Get the lady a drink, Todd.”

“Consider it done, Cole. What can I get you, Jessica?”

“I’ll have a soda water please, Todd, with just a little added ice.” She held her index finger and thumb about a half inch apart as an example.

Cole loved these cute, feminine mannerisms of hers, and he was well aware that she made them specifically to please him. He watched her black-gloved hand flutter to her neck. “Is your collar too tight, my pet?”

“No, Sir, it’s fine. I just the love the feel of it. When I’m alone and I touch it, it always reminds me of you.”

In his opinion, all subs should have an armory that possessed flattery as one of its weapons. Jessica knew this, and she knew how to use it to best effect, too. 

With Todd serving another customer, she leaned in and whispered, “And sometimes when I think of you when I’m alone, I touch other things besides the collar you lovingly placed around my neck.”

“Meaning?” Naturally as her Dom, he already knew the answer.

“My pussy, Sir. It goes so incredibly wet when I think about all the things we’ve done together.”

“Of course it does, but it goes without saying that you only pleasure yourself once I’ve given you my express permission.” 

She lowered her head submissively, and very quietly said, “Yes, Sir. I wouldn’t dream of doing it otherwise.”

That was exactly what his ego wanted to hear. Jessica made an excellent sub, because she always gave him exactly the right responses. Ones that made him feel good about himself. He tenderly cupped her head in his hands, enjoying the soft brunette curls that trailed through his fingers. “You’re so special to me, Jess.”

“I know, Sir. And you to me.”

“Do you remember the day when I placed this very collar around your neck?”
As Cole ran his fingers over the symbol of their commitment to each other, Jessica obligingly lifted her head to allow him better access to his property. 

“It was a wonderful day, Sir. One I’ll never forget.”

“Me neither.”

He marveled at what a lucky man he was to have found a woman like Jessica. This lady was truly one in a million, and there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to keep her as happy as she was right now. He’d seen her sad once, suicidal even. She’d hit rock bottom, all her wonderful sparkle and zest for living seemingly gone forever. That was until he’d rescued her from the depths of despair and helped her rebuild her life once more. Since then, he’d made it his mission to never allow her to become unhappy again. 

The inch-wide leather collar was encrusted with diamonds exquisitely laid out in an ornate pattern created to his own personal design. It had cost him megabucks, but what the fuck did he care? He’d bought the diamonds from his close friend Zane Anders, who was a diamond importer by trade and Club Submission regular. Zane had sourced him the best stones available, bringing them in from Amsterdam. Cole owned his own construction company, Rossi Construction, employing well over two thousand men. He’d built it up from nothing with his own bare hands, so he figured he had every right to spend his hard-earned cash on whatever he wanted. And nothing pleased him more than spending it on the woman he loved. 

At the collaring ceremony, he’d also given her a plain day collar, one that she could wear while at work. To the casual observer it looked like a simple velvet choker. It came with a locking heart-shaped case made of sterling silver, which held a miniature photograph of them both. The picture had been taken by one of the many guests at the collaring ceremony. It had been a wonderful day some nine months ago now, and had sealed their commitment to each other. He smiled to himself. Only he and Jessica knew the real significance of this apparently ordinary piece of everyday jewelry.

He kissed her lips. “Looking forward to our scene tonight, my pet?”

A smile lit up her face. “You bet.”

He agreed with her. “It’ll be just gre—” The final word in the sentence wouldn’t quite come from his lips when a face from the past entered the Warm Zone. The man in question stood expectantly waiting, almost as though he owned the fucking place. 


Cole was grateful that Jessica sat with her back to the door, giving her no idea of what was happening. 

Were his eyes deceiving him? No. He had twenty-twenty vision. Always had done. Eyes like a fucking hawk, and he didn’t like what he saw. 

He felt her tiny hand on his. “Is everything okay, Sir?”

Keeping his eyes focused on the specter from both their pasts, he quietly said, “Jessica, go get ready for the scene.”

She glanced at her watch. “But it’s way too early—”

He stared her down. “Don’t ever make the mistake of arguing with me, sub. Go now, and take your time, and stay in the Hot Zone until I come to you.”

He witnessed a look of confusion in her beautiful blue eyes, but he’d trained her well and she immediately complied with his demands, rising from the barstool and heading straight for the Hot Zone without even looking back.

Right. I have business to attend to. 

Cole rose abruptly from his stool, hearing it crash against the bar in his haste to confront the guy who potentially had the power to change his life for the worse. 

Quinn Sutherland.

The guy stood by the door, looking around the place that was fast filling with club members. Obviously, Sutherland hadn’t spotted him in the crowd. Maybe he’d changed enough in the intervening four years that he didn’t recognize his former friend.

Cole realized that in his present state of agitation and anger that a fight between him and Sutherland would be inevitable. So, not wishing to be banned from the club, and out of respect for club owners and personal friends, Matthew and Ethan, he decided to rein in his emotions a notch or two. In an attempt to control his angst, he took two or three long slow deep breaths before heading toward the guy he least wanted to see in this fucked-up world.

When he arrived, Quinn Sutherland stood with his back to him, so he patted him hard on the shoulder, causing his former buddy to spin around and face him.

The expression on Quinn’s face left him in no doubt that he wasn’t expecting to see him. “Cole, how ya doing, man? It’s been a long time.”

Quinn took hold of his hand and shook it enthusiastically, and although Cole felt like pulling his hand away and landing a stinging right hook to his jaw, he didn’t. Instead, realizing a crowded club wasn’t the place for a brawl, he reluctantly shook it back.

“Four years. What brings you back to Boston, Quinn?”

Cole felt uneasy in his presence, and he sensed that Quinn felt it, too. “I’ve come back to bury my pa. While I’m here, I thought I’d look up old friends.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t be. The old man was a selfish prick who only ever thought of himself. I won’t miss him, and neither will the world.”

He was right about his old man. He’d met John Sutherland on several occasions in the past, and if the old guy had one redeeming feature, it wasn’t obvious to him. All things considered, he figured that Quinn took after his father when it came to looking after number one and not giving a fuck for anything or anybody.

“Heard you got yourself a contract laying pipe in Borneo or Tasmania, or some such place.”

“Papua New Guinea.”

“Papua New Guinea, huh. Same shithole, different name.”

Quinn’s eyes narrowed on him, and Cole figured he’d finally gotten through, letting him know he wasn’t really welcome. 

“Yeah, well, the work would be too hard for some to handle.”


“Listen, Cole. What’s your problem, man? I’ve been home five fucking minutes, and let’s just say your demeanor ain’t exactly friendly.”

“It ain’t meant to be. There’s nothing here for you anymore. If your pa’s already buried and all the loose ends are tied up, then I suggest you head back to Borneo.”

“It’s still Papua New Guinea, asshole. What’s your beef with me, man? What have I ever done to you? I thought we were friends.”

“Yeah, well that’s all in the past now. Let’s just say I had to pick up the broken pieces you left behind when you suddenly disappeared.”

Quinn took an overtly menacing step toward him, and he thought the guy was about to head butt him and break his nose in front of all these people. Cole wasn’t afraid. Far from it. “Do it, fucker, if you think you’re man enough to handle the consequences.”

They stood nose-to-nose, staring unblinkingly into each other’s eyes, checking for any sign of weakness for a good half minute or so, before Quinn finally thought better of it and took a step back. “What the fuck are you on, man? I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.”


“Jessica? My old sub?”

“Don’t play games with me. I’m not in the mood.” Cole felt his hands clench into fists as he looked deep into the unfeeling eyes of Quinn Sutherland. The guy knew exactly whom he was talking about.

Quinn shrugged. “So fucking what? She was my sub for two years. Then we went our separate ways as millions of Americans do every day. Even now, after all this time, it still feels good to know that I was the one to introduce her to the scene in the first place. A sub never forgets her first Master. Wherever the lady is now, and whatever she’s doing with her life, she’ll always remember Quinn Sutherland, you can bet your bottom dollar on that. Anyway, what makes you so interested in my old sub?” It annoyed Cole immensely that Sutherland seemed to emphasize those final three words, delivering them slowly and deliberately.

“Because I’m the guy who had to pick up the pieces you left behind.”

“What pieces? What fucking pieces? We finished, end of.”

“A selfish bastard like you wouldn’t have the first idea what that girl went through after you fucked off to the other side of the world.”

Quinn shook his head. “Your fucking piety sickens me, but enlighten me anyway.”

“How does despair, depression, dependence on liquor and hard drugs grab you?” Cole knew he bared his teeth as he spoke, but anger surged through his veins again when he recalled just how broken Jessica was after Quinn suddenly upped and left her. He’d never seen a woman so bereft and devoid of the joys of life. In the following six months, she’d attempted suicide twice. The first time she took an overdose of sleeping tablets. The second had been when she tried to cut herself. He’d heard the sad news from Andrea, the receptionist at the club. It was then that he’d decided to step in and take control of her life, because despite all the counseling she received, things just weren’t working out. The qualified professionals did their very best to help her, but they simply didn’t understand what made Jessica tick. 

Only he did. 

She needed guidance, a firm hand, and a belief that life could be good again. Some three years later, he’d helped her to achieve all three. Jessica was truly happy again now, and she didn’t need her old Master turning up and muddying the waters.

Quinn spread his hands wide, palms upward before letting out a sigh. “What do you want me to do about? If the lady is mentally unstable, it’s hardly my problem. Jesus Christ, I’m not a fucking mind reader. How the fuck was I supposed to know she’d try to top herself?”
Quinn Sutherland really was a callous bastard.

“You should have let the lady down slowly, instead of only giving a fuck about yourself.”
“Yeah, well, hindsight’s a wonderful thing, man. I’m not going to beat myself up about it. Anyway, what became of the lady in question?”

Cole needed to think on his feet. The last thing he wanted was for Quinn to find out that Jessica was in the Hot Zone, right next door to them. He didn’t need this shit, and she needed it even less. Besides, he was her Master now, and not Quinn Sutherland. He wanted Quinn gone, so he decided to make Club Submission as unattractive as possible. 

“I’ve not seen Jessica in almost three years now. I don’t know where she is.”

Quinn looked around the Warm Zone. “Goddamn it, some homecoming this is. I can’t see anyone here I recognize from the old days.”

“No. Everyone’s gone. I’m the only one left.”

Quinn took one final look around. “Uh-huh, that’s it then. Sometimes it’s best to leave the past in the past.”

“Yeah, that’s often the case.”

Quinn looked him straight in the eye. “You’re right, Cole. There’s nothing here for me anymore. I buried the old man two days ago, so best I take the next flight back to Guinea.” Without saying another word, he turned on his heels and headed for the door.

As he watched his former friend walk away, Cole let out the long, slow breath he’d been holding for far too long. Thank fuck he was gone, and he figured he’d made Club Submission so unappealing that he’d never want to return, either. 

Luck had been his companion tonight, because Andrea, the receptionist, who Quinn would have immediately recognized, was off with the flu. It was club owners Matthew and Ethan’s night off, too, therefore making his deception somewhat easier. However, fortune favored the brave and Quinn had left the club with absolutely no idea that both Hunter and Markus were in the Hot Zone along with Jessica.

There was a bigger reason why he didn’t want Quinn Sutherland to return to Club Submission though. The man was a threat to him as well as Jessica. He was under no illusions as to how much she’d adored and idolized her ex-Master before he’d left her to work overseas. There was no doubt in his mind that she loved him, Cole Rossi, but even so, he couldn’t be sure how she’d react should her old Master make his presence known to her.

Master’s Pet is available from Bookstrand HERE

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