A wonderful review for Master of Submission
Reviews Received / June 3, 2012

I received a wonderful review for Master of Submission from Literary Nymphs. Amazon Nymph gave Master of Submission a Golden Blush Award. Here’s a shortened version of Amazon’s review. The first book in the Masters of Submission series, Master of Submission, is a wonderful introduction to BDSM that has a mystery as a subplot.  The author did a good job showing Emma’s emotional journey into the BDSM lifestyle.  I felt that they were very realistic and the author also shows how some negotiations can go.  The author also showcases how some authority figures can show subtle prejudices about BDSM.  Zane and Emma burn up the pages as the chemistry between them is intense.  I liked that Emma did not just jump at the offer that Zane made and that she is very independent.   The secondary characters were interesting as well and I am looking forward to the brothers’ stories in the future.  This is a book I recommend for every BDSM lover’s bookshelf.  This author will give a few of my favorite BDSM authors a run for their money and Ms. Bowles will be added to my must-read list. You can read the full review HERE

Read the 1st Chapter of Master of Submission Free
First Chapter / April 29, 2012

Read the prologue and 1st Chapter of Master of Submission Find out more from Bookstrand HERE MASTER OF SUBMISSION Masters of Submission 1 JAN BOWLES Copyright © 2012 Prologue Emma Parkes pushed open the front door of her friend’s apartment, and called out, “Chloe, are you there?”  No answer. The only sign of life was the Boston skyline twinkling brightly in the huge glass windows. Worried now, she dropped her suitcase inside and closed the door behind her. What had happened to her best friend? Chloe had telephoned five days ago, excitedly telling her that she was going to spend the weekend with a guy she’d just met. She told her she’d be out of circulation for a while, as hot sex was the only thing on the menu.  “Are you mad? Going away with a chap you hardly know. Please be careful, Chloe,” she warned. Her best friend had laughed down the line. “It’s just some harmless fun. You remember fun, don’t you, Emma? The kind we used to have when we were at Oxford University together.”  Emma knew exactly what she meant. While studying law together at Oxford, her newfound American friend was always trying to lead her…

Release Day for Master of Submission
Release Day / April 20, 2012

It’s release day on for my latest book ~ MASTER OF SUBMISSION ~ The first book in my powerful new BDSM series. Available from Bookstrand Club Submission is a fetish and BDSM club in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. Behind the closed doors are several Masters waiting to make your fantasies come true. So, join me ~ Jan Bowles ~ for a safe, sane and consensual trip into the BDSM world….….find out how Master Zane helps Emma Parkes discover her submissive side.The Blurb:[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, figging, sex toys, HEA] Thirty-year-old English lawyer Emma Parkes believes Club Submission holds the key to her best friend’s disappearance. Well out of her comfort zone, Emma’s eyes are opened wide when she observes the Masters of Submission at work. They’re so confident and sexually arousing—especially beautiful blue-eyed Master Zane. Submission member and Dom Zane Anders frequently enjoys all the club has to offer. The wealthy, forty-year-old diamond importer has everything he could possibly need—everything except for love. A natural dominant, he’s not looking for a permanent submissive in his life. But perhaps he’ll make an exception for the stunning lawyer from London. When Club Submission is plunged into a high-profile murder investigation, its very existence…

Master of Submission ~ Now on pre-order
Latest News / April 18, 2012

Master of Submission ~ Now on pre-order HERE Master of Submission is a BDSM Erotic Romance. Read the excerpts below to find out more. 18’s and over please, as the excerpts contain adult material. STORY EXCERPT He smiled, and looked tenderly at her. “You’re an enigma all right. I can’t quite figure you out. You’re dressed right for the scene, but I get the feeling that you’re really just an innocent. A mere baby, when it comes to knowing exactly what goes on here.” “What do you mean?” “I know you were sexually aroused, watching the show Jessica and Cole put on.” Emma wasn’t about to admit anything of the sort. She hadn’t been brought up that way. “I wasn’t. I—” “You don’t have to be scared of your own feelings. Just be true to yourself.” She lied again. “I am.” Feeling slightly irritated with his perceptive observations, she added cuttingly, “You don’t know me. We’ve only just met—” At that moment he threaded his fingers through her hair. For such a powerful man, his surprisingly tender touch caught her off guard, and she allowed him to angle her face to his. He leaned down and pressed his lips to…

New cover art ~ Master of Submission
Cover Reveal / April 13, 2012

New cover art for my latest release  Master of Submission  coming to Siren 20th April. Cover artist Les Byerley.  He’s created a masterful and powerful atmosphere, for the 1st book in the series. Thank you. On pre-order HERE