4.5 Star Review for my latest release The Return by Jan Bowles

January 15, 2010

I just had to share a wonderful review I received from Manicreaders

Release Date: 12/01/09

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60601-622-9

Pages: 147

Format: E-Book

List Price: 4.99

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MR Reviewer: Cheryl

I received 4.5 stars!!!

The Return
Jan Bowles

Robert Tremayne went off to Iraq, two years ago. In the mean time, Marielle Stevens had to let Robert go when she was told he was captured and killed. Marielle didn’t plan it but she married Robert’s best friend, James. They have a daughter named Jemma. To everyone’s surprise and amazement, they learn that Robert is alive and coming home.

When Robert learns that Marielle and James are married, he wants nothing to do with either of them. Four years later, Marielle is a widow. James died of a brain tumor. Will Marielle and Robert be willing to give love a second chance?

“The Return is an amazing book by Jan Bowles. I picked this book because it sounded good but didn’t realize just how great it would turn out to be. The relationship that Robert and Marielle shared was both steamy and sweet. This book read how a true romance novel should be like…leaving me wanting more. I experienced every emotion with Robert and Marielle from…love, loss, betrayal, friendship, and happiness. I plan to return for more good reads with Jan Bowles.”

You can see the review HERE

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