DESIRE by ROSEMARY WILLHIDE. Why it should be on your ‘Must-Read List’
Fiction , Guest Author / March 28, 2018

If you love BDSM books with feisty heroines, swoon-worthy heroes, suspense, humour and jaw- dropping sex scenes, then DESIRE by Rosemary Willhide is the book for you. This unputdownable read will soon become a firm favourite with many.  Darcy Lockhart is named after her gran’s favorite literary character in Pride and Prejudice, yet in her twenty-six years on earth, she’s struggled in vain to find any Jane Austen type romance. Her recent break up with her ex reads more like a Stephen King novel. Fresh from her broken engagement with a pile of financial obligations looming, Darcy’s sturdy resolve to achieve true success is tested at every turn. Will she ever be good enough at anything? When she happens upon Eli Reece, he is the spitting image of her namesake, Mr. Darcy, down to the proper British accent and cocky arrogance. Darcy and Eli hit it off like oil and water or as the British say, chalk and cheese. Despite Eli’s striking green eyes and sexy grin, Darcy finds his so-called charm and confidence annoying and deems him a buttmunch. As the universe keeps tossing them together, Eli stumbles upon Darcy’s naughty little secret, her taste for kinky porn on Twitter….

Guest Blogger: Jennifer Denys ~ Erotic Romance Author
Guest Author / October 27, 2013

Jennifer Denys Please welcome my guest blogger for today, erotic romance author, Jennifer Denys. Psst, I’ll let you in on a little secret, Jennifer has just released her latest book called Retraining the Dom. Wow, the title let’s you know that it contains some HOT BDSM action! It’s the second in the Battle of Wills series, which features Jennifer’s bestselling, erotic romance, Retraining the Sub. Q. Where did you get the idea for ‘Retraining the Dom’? This is the sequel to ‘Retraining the Sub’. I came up with the ideas for the titles first. Sometimes titles just occur to me and I have to find a story to fit, as in the case of this two part series; and sometimes I have a story idea that I have to find a title for. As for RTD – I knew I wanted it to be about Trey as I featured him in RTS. Retraining the Sub Q. Tell us a bit about the hero and heroine in ‘Retraining the Dom’. Trey is a Dom in his mid 40s at Club Allure, who has been told he must go on the Club’s retraining programme. The problem is he is much too strong a Dom to allow…

Guest Blogger: David Russell ~ Erotic Romance Author and Poet
Guest Author / April 17, 2013

My guest blogger today is David Russell. David has been writing erotica since the mid-1980s. Published extensively in magazines and anthologies along with several books, poetry and prose, he also recorded and is the singer-songwriter of a vinyl album, Bricolage recorded by Billy Childish for Hangman Records 1992, CD albums Bacteria Shrapnel and The Burglars of Britain (1998) Please tell us about the books you have published already? My titles are: ‘Self’s Blossom’, ‘Explorations’; ‘Further Explorations’ and ‘Therapy Rapture’ ; pub Extasy David’s books with Exstasy can be found HERE ‘My Dream of Madonna/An Ecstatic Rendezvous’ (XoXo Publishing) David’s books can be found on Amazon HEREWhy do you write romance? I find it both soothing and invigorating in the face of today’s stresses. Do you write in other forms?  Yes; I write poetry, speculative fiction and literary journalism (reviews and critical articles). Some of my other writing areas get very dense; romance helps me to keep my balance.On Monday, David had Therapy Rapture published with Extasy Books. Here’s the blurb for Therapy Rapture: Ever had secret thoughts about a counsellor? Fitness trainer? Ever put two and two together?Perry has a desire for the right woman to spend some time with, enjoying each other’s company, a…

Guest Blogger: Taylor Brooks ~ Erotic Romance Author
Guest Author / April 9, 2013

Today, my guest blogger is erotic author, Taylor Brooks. She’s just debuted with her first book for Siren-Publishing. I know we shall be hearing plenty more from this very talented writer in the not too distant future, because she has 4 other titles in the Sultry SoCal Series already lined up. You can see them all HEREHi, Jan, thank you for having me here today, I’m very excited to tell everyone about my new Sultry SoCal Series and welcome everyone to join me on the wonderful journey these men take with one another. There is heat, passion and a whole lot of sleepless nights. Also, don’t forget to enter the contest below for your chance to win 1 of 5 – $5 eGift Cards to or 1 of 3 eBook copies of Book 1 in the Sultry SoCal Series, Take Me. This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, April 15th.The Blurb:Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA Clint Rodham has spent years being a loyal employee to Elite Imports. Despite being one of their top salesmen, his boss no longer sees him as the golden boy. Now being ostracized for his sexuality, he fights to keep the job that…

Guest Blogger: Annette Gisby ~ Erotic Romance Author
Guest Author / February 20, 2013

My guest today is Annette Gisby. With many books to her name, this erotic romance writer has plenty to offer readers. From M/M romance to M/F Mystery Suspense, there’s an e-book just waiting to be read.Welcome, Annette, and thanks for being my guest today. Now, I’ve whetted everyone’s appetite, let’s get down to the questions. Q. Where did you get the idea for The Prince’s Guard?  Most of my ideas come to me in the form of characters who pop into my head one day and they don’t leave me alone until I’ve written something about them. Recently I was diagnosed with Migraine Associated Vertigo. As well as the terrible dizziness, headaches and balance problems, it also plays havoc with your concentration and I knew I wouldn’t have the concentration for a novel at the moment, so I decided to concentrate on shorter stories, as is the case with The Prince’s Guard. It’s an erotic M/M BDSM story set in a fantasy universe.Q. Tell us a bit about the heroes and  in The Prince’s Guard.Dashan is the eldest son and is the crown prince. There are various enemies of their small country who would love nothing better than to abduct…

Marie Jermy ~ Undercover Desires
Guest Author / February 14, 2013

Undercover Desires Today I have Marie Jermy as a guest. She’s showcasing her latest book Undercover Desires. What more could you ask on Valentines Day! Purchase Undercover Desires from Bookstrand HERE Opposites attract… Who are you? What are you? are the questions Georgiana Lorenz, a writer for Rock Mania magazine asked herself when “Ferret,” an alcoholic junkie and her informant of three months, started behaving strangely. Gone was the filthy, smelly, always-wanting-to-get-inside-her-pants scumbag, and in his place was… Well, okay, he was still filthy and smelly, but his lightning reflexes and the muscular body under the tatty clothing suggested he was a different man altogether.Indeed he is.FBI Special Agent Reed Sullivan has been assigned one dirty mission—to take the place of the recently departed Ferret in order to bring Ahmed Aziz Armin, a suspected gun smuggler and supporter of terrorism, to justice. Falling in love plays no part in his plans of putting Armin behind bars. One meeting with Georgiana Lorenz, however, has Reed losing his heart to the purple-haired, pierced, and tattooed nightmare, and his cover and his plans are blown higher than an acid trip.A Siren Erotic Romance ADULT EXCERPT With the click of the closing door behind…

Guest Blogger: Lynda Bailey ~ Erotic Romance Author
Guest Author / February 13, 2013

Today my guest blogger is Lynda Bailey! Welcome Lynda, you’ve been very busy lately with several books already published, and more to follow. Please tell us about your latest book ~ On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful—KIRA.Thanks so much to Jan for letting me hang out here today!Q. Where did you get the idea for, On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful—KIRA?  KIRA is the second novella in my anthology, Heartache and Hopeful. And to be completely honest, I don’t remember how or why the idea sprouted.  Heartache and Hopeful has been knocking around in my head for a number of years and I indie-pubbed the first story, MIC, last fall on Amazon. KIRA’s story morphed from a serious, miniature romantic suspense into a more fun, erotic romp.Q. Tell us a bit about the hero and heroine in, On the Corner of Heartache and Hopeful—KIRA. Kira is a spitfire heroine who knows what she wants and how she wants it. As the only child of a multi-mega millionaire, she turns away from her socialite life in Omaha, her overprotective father and her sizeable inheritance for the simple life in a rural Tatum, NE. She also believes she’s turning away from…

Guest Blogger: Mamie Center ~ Erotic Romance Author
Guest Author / February 6, 2013

Today I have special guest and erotic author, Mamie Center. Mamie writes for Simon and  Schuster, and recently debuted with Hollywood Hook, an erotic tale focusing on the inner workings of Hollywood. Read on to find out more about this highly sensual story…Q. Where did you get the idea for Hollywood Hook? R. I’ve lived most of it. Seriously.  The more scandalous parts at least. When I moved to Hollywood, I was a lot like Jessica. I was the “best of the best” from my Podunk hometown and I moved to Los Angeles expecting to immediately “make it” like the thousands of other clueless young, beautiful, talented women. And Jacob is an amalgamation of several heavyweight producers whom I had to “accommodate” on my rise to the top. Q. Tell us a bit about the hero and heroine in, Hollywood Hook. R. Jessica is a naive actress who wants to make it big in Hollywood. She is talented and ambitious; however, soon realizes it is all who you know. Thomas Mansell is a big star who has been working since he was a child and is simply burnt out. The pair has incredible chemistry and have no idea they are just pawns…

Guest Blogger: Erin O’Quinn ~ Erotic Romance Writer
Guest Author / January 30, 2013

Jan: Today I welcome back Erin O’Quinn, a writer of M/M, both historic and contemporary. I’m going to ask some questions about her newest book, called The Chase, and Erin has promised to answer with some sexy passages from her book. Hi, Erin. I see you have a new book in your “Noble Dimensions” series. Can you first tell us a little about the series? Erin: Jan, I’m really jazzed to be back on your blog! This series takes its name from a small town somewhere in Nevada that I call “Noble,” a name that’s a little ironic because Noble itself is run-down and nondescript. It’s actually no more than a half-way point for tourists traveling between Las Vegas and Reno. One of the characters notes that it lies between Big Daddy’s Pawn and the Fly By Night Motel. And yet more than a century before, around the time of the Civil war, this was a proud silver boom town thatprovided precious metal to the causeof the North during the war. Jan: I see on the cover that this is the second in a series. Is it a continuation of an earlier book? Erin: Not Really, Jan. A couple of…

Guest Blogger: Samantha Kay ~ Erotic Romance Author
Guest Author / January 23, 2013

Please make a warm welcome to my guest blogger, Samantha Kay.Hello and thank you Jan for this opportunity! I am a writer of M/M romance/contemporary/erotica -but I am very new to it! I’ve been writing for about a year, and self-published one book so far, though I have many other works in progress. Hopefully this year will entail me developing as a writer, and publishing a few more books! Q. Where did you get the idea for With Regret?Honestly? It literally just came out of nowhere! I just suddenly had this thought of writing about a couple going through a really emotional time, and went from there.Q. Tell us a bit about the hero and heroine in With Regret?Well, there’s Jacob, who’s sweet and loving, but sometimes annoyingly insecure and naïve. And then there’s Phil, who is…well…a bit of a sod really to say the least. He worships the ground Jacob walks on, but ends up hurting him badly by straying. There is more as to why Phil’s the way he is though, which is uncovered as the story progresses.  Q. What are you working on right now, and what can we expect from you next?I’m working on Part Two of With…